Peter Berg Wants To Make ‘The Rundown 2’ With The Rock & Jonah Hill 

Sep 14, 2016

I don’t know how The Rock does it, but the former wrestler manages to juggle filming multiple movies (at a time), a TV show, working out and family time. It’s crazy. The dude just doesn’t stop, and his schedule over the next few years only gets busier with the amount of projects he takes on.

One of The Rock’s earliest films back in the day was Peter Berg’s The Rundown, and if Berg could get his way he’d add to The Rocks already heavy schedule by making a sequel to the 2003 action comedy.

Speaking with Collider Berg spoke about the possibility and who he’d want to see The Rock hunt down in the sequel.

“We’ve been talking about it. You know, I wanted to do it with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. If I could get Jonah Hill, I’d do it tomorrow. If I could get Dwayne and Jonah Hill, I’d do it tomorrow. Anything’s possible. We want to do it, it’s just hard to get everybody, you know. It’s on our minds. We actually wrote a script. But I want Jonah Hill, so reach out to Jonah. Pressure Jonah to do it. If Jonah Hill would do it, I’m in.”

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The Rock hunting down Jonah Hill would be hysterical. This potential sequel could be even greater, hear me out. Imagine The Peoples Champ chasing Jonah Hill and Melissa McCarthy around the world.

Comedy gold!!

Peter, if you ever get to make this sequel do a rewrite and add Melissa McCarthy into the mix. You’ll thank me later.


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