Peyton Reed In Talks To Direct ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’; Who Could Be The Villains?

Oct 22, 2015

Hollywood Reporter says that Ant-Man director Peyton Reed is now in talks with Marvel Studios to return for the sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp, which will see Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily reprise their roles as the titular heroes. The studio announced plans for the sequel only two weeks after it’s release confident that an audience for future installments has been established, it’s worldwide box office at the moment is $455 million. A number that overshadows the first installments of Thor and Captain America.

Traditionally, Marvel usually doesn’t hire directors to make more than two features for them, but the Russo Brothers are bucking that tradition, so Reed might be around longer than we expect. I really liked the end result of Ant-Man, with or without Edgar Wright, so I’m excited to see Hope finally given a suit and something to actually do in the film.

Now the question remains, who will the superhero pair face in 2018?

It’s sort of unknown at the moment, but the first film seeming did leave us a few clues to what could be coming in the sequel. That’s unless the unseen Captain America: Civil War leaves even bigger clues. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if villains traditional thought to be Captain America, Iron Man, or Avengers baddies end-up being the threat of the sequel here.

There is a moment during the first movie where villain Darren Cross is opening bids to the technology to the highest bidders, which just happened to be Mitchell Carson. A former SHIELD Agent turned (or always was) Agent of HYDRA. Another member of that group of buyers nicknamed “Hydra Buyer” was sporting a Ten Rings neck tattoo, some speculate the two groups could be working together.

Perhaps, foreshadowing something like The Masters of Evil, which did include members of Hydra like Baron Zemo and The Mandarin (real Mandarin was established in the One-Shots) among the ranks. Basically, it’s the super-villain version of the Avengers, and we’ve suspected they’d eventually make their way into the MCU.

What that lineup would look like in the MCU is another story, I’m sure it could include other villains such as Frank Grillo’s Crossbones and even Madame Hydra. It would be nice to see Marvel finally exercising their main female villains a bit more, since they’re mostly non-existent.

Another group that could make their comeback as villains in the sequel could be A.I.M., that played a big role in Iron Man 3. However, one character that’s been teased for the MCU, and leads the Advanced Idea Mechanics, might be perfect for the more comedic and tech focused Ant-Man films. That being of course Modok, who would need a bit of retooling to be taken seriously in a cinematic environment. Marvel did an excellent job with a cinematic version of Zola’s robotic persona, so, they might be able to do Modok justice as well. Captain America writers have been teasing about using Modok, so it’s possible that Marvel might want to take a crack at him eventually.

Other more traditional Ant-Man villains like Taskmaster or even Eric O’Grady could make their way into the film as well.

It’ll be interesting to see if Anthony Mackie’s Falcon ends-up with a supporting role as well, considering their cutesy back and forth in the first film.

Ant-Man and The Wasp is slated for release on July 6th, 2018.

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