Phoenix Comic-Con 2017: Jason David Frank and Kevin Conroy Panels

May 27, 2017

Another year kicked off for Arizona’s own Phoenix Comic-Con. Tens of thousands of fans in comics, movies, anime and video games came to the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix to celebrate this huge event.  Unfortunately, it was met with some slight aggravation this year. In years past many cosplayers were able to use and check in their “prop weapons” that they would wield while walking around the trade show floor. However, this year all prep weapons were banned by the Phoenix Police Department after one individual came to the Con with 3 handguns, a shotgun, a combat knife, throwing stars and body armor (via ABC 15 Phoenix).

Suspect Matthew Sterling slipped past security with his arsenal of weapons. His goal was to target “bad caps” if they came to threaten his friends or himself. Later after the troubled man was apprehended by police and interviewed. It was revealed the gunman was specifically targeting Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actor and MMA fighter guest Jason David Frank for which he had a vendetta personally against (via Phoenix New Times). This incident lead to harder security checks at the door which in turn lead to longer hours in line outside the convention before entering. But these things are imperative to keep everyone safe at these types of conventions…

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:: Jason David Frank Panel ::

The first fan panel we attended at the Con was for MMA Fighter and former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star Jason David Frank. The star came out while on his iPhone during a live Facebook stream for all his fans to see. The actor was very gracious to all the fans who thanked him for being the Green Ranger back in the 90’s.The actor talked about his upcoming Valiant Comics series Bloodshot as well as My Morphin Life on Bat in the Sun YouTube page. The actor also teased a slew of upcoming projects he is attached to that will be announced later this year but currently, he isn’t allowed to speak publically about. He also went onto claiming he wants to fight CM Punk in a future MMA fight.

We at Omega Underground were one of the few fans who got to ask him a question. We asked if Lionsgate ever went ahead and made Power Rangers 2 which young actor would he want to see play Tommy Oliver. Unfortunately, Jason David Frank didn’t really know who he wanted to play basically himself. So he just played it off like a joke that he will return and play Tommy once again. Lastly, the actor did go on to admit he would love to just cameo in the future films if Lionsgate greenlight the films.

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NEXT UP : Kevin Conroy Panel

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