Phoenix Comic Fest 18 – Sean Gunn, Manu Bennett and Todd McFarlane Panels

It was yet another year for Phoenix Comic Fest (Formally Phoenix Comic-Con) in the sweltering summer heat of Arizona. We at Omega Underground were invited to cover the fan panels that took place over the 4 day weekend. We attended the panels for Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), Manu Bennett (Arrow, The Hobbit), Micheal Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy) with tidbits of Spawn from the comic book creator Todd McFarlane.


Sean Gunn was up first who revealed different things about his action career including appearing on the reveal of Gilmore Girls. He went onto answer some fan questions revolving around his character Kraglin. The actor revealed that he acutally doesn’t know if he will be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 due to Thanos’ infamous “Snap” in Avengers: Infinity War. So while Kraglin may have just gotten Yondu’s arrow…he may have been turned to dust as well. Which is ironic considering director James Gunn (Sean’s brother) is usually the one who kills off his brother in all the movies he has written. With Kraglin being the first to survive for a sequel.

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Gunn also revealed that James Gunn has two different scripts for his movies. His main script and also an “impov” script for actors can go off of for any given scene. Micheal Rooker’s panel only consisted of the actor running around answering fan questions quickly. With nothing very substance to report on. Still one of the greatest panels I have ever covered.

Manu Bennett’s panel mostly consisted of questions about his time on Spartacus and The Hobbit trilogy. The actor once again revealed that he didn’t actually act with anyone from The Hobbit cast. He was brought in 3 months before the first films release to motion capture Azog after another actor had played the character for 3 years prior. However, it was his idea to have Azog pet his Warg in one scene. Also, wanted Azog to kill his Orc lackey’s in the very first scene the character appears in.

Manu Bennett also revealed that due to the Deathstroke movie; DC will not allow anymore Deathstroke to appear in the DC TV shows. With last season of Arrow being an exception. Which means Bennett will not be able to play Slade in any upcoming season of DC Universe’s Titans.

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Lastly, we at Omega Underground met with Spawn comic creator Todd McFarlane who revealed that a big announcement would be coming later this week. Well that turned out to be the announcement of Jamie Foxx playing the character in the remake. Which we also revealed begins production this August.

Check back next year for more exclusive coverage of Phoenix Comic Fest

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