Piper’s Best Of 2014 List

Dec 22, 2014

Wow, what a year! I think. I can’t remember the first half of it, but I’m pretty sure I got a gym membership I haven’t used. Tooootally gonna get on that in 2015 though. Anyway, while I’ve only been with GWW for the second half, this entire year has been a great year for geek-kind. Here are my favorite bits!


Best TV Show of the Year: Agents of SHIELD

Keep reading, I'll explain!

Keep reading, I’ll explain!

I know, I KNOW. This show made its debut Sept. 2013 not in 2014, but hear me out. It became WORTH WATCHING in 2014 and has been kicking DC series’ ass ever since. Not only is the show amazing and suspenseful on its own, it’s being used as a great tool for setting up and/or providing epilogue for the new Marvel movies. I think it deserves this 2014 list because it had a rocky and rather boring start at the end of 2013 but I feel they figured out what they were doing in 2014.

*Runner Up: The Flash

Best Movie of the Year: Guardians of the Galaxy



The Box Office hath spoken, and Guardians was the top grossing movie for 2014. While I first teased that it was because kids wanted to see a talking raccoon, I ate my words when I went to see what the fuss was about myself. I love comic book movies even if I haven’t read the comics because I know the stories are going to be good. This time, I felt like Disney/Marvel was being to bold by pulling from this particular comic and holy crap was I wrong. This movie was a blast that made me want to go back and learn more about the characters I didn’t know before.

*Runner Up: Captain America Winter Soldier

Best Game of the Year: South Park: The Stick of Truth

No, really!

No, really!

To me, 2014 was a “meh” year in games. We got 10 more Call of Duties or something, more GTA, more Borderlands, and more Assassin’s Creed than we know what to do with. We also went ape over yet another Mario Kart and Smash Bros and while I’m not saying these games aren’t great, they’ve just been done over and over and over. Titanfall and Destiny were supposed to be innovative but they’re typical FPS. I love FPS but that’s all they are, just with no story and forced multiplayer. Yay innovation. Or something. South Park: The Stick of Truth is pretty different, however, and that makes me happy. It’s not only hilarious in the usual South Park style, but pokes fun at typical game tropes we’ve done to death. The play style is a mix of classic and unique and is just plain refreshing. Plus, as it’s an RPG, it has a friggen’ story.

*Runner Up: Hyrule Warriors (because it dared to be different too!)

Best Cosplay of the Year: Invictus Cosplay’s Captain America

Dat angle!

Dat angle!

Ok so I’m probably being extremely biased because Stephen is my friend, but his Captain America is still the best I’ve seen. I want to do a side-by-side image of him next to movie Cap, because when he has the helmet on he looks spot-on to me. He’s also my favorite Arrow cosplayer so far. Stephen is a good guy that cosplays for charities and children, and can perform magic too! I feel like I should be telling you to book him for your next birthday party, because he’d sure beat the hell out of twerking Spiderman.

*Runner Up: Griffin Cosplay’s Nightwing (because I’m a shill, I think…)

Best Comic of the Year: Spiderverse

I don't even LIKE spiders...

I don’t even LIKE spiders…

Even though I’m having a harder time getting hold of these due to money and gas and all, I feel this is probably the best thing to happen to Spiderman comics in a long time. Sure, some people didn’t like the way it came about and there’s plenty of canon issues, but SPIDER PIG, damn it! Spider everyone! Spider spider! The spider that was bitten by his radioactive uncle spider and gained double spider powers and spider spider spider spider… The point is, Spiderman is cool again and that’s very important.

*Runner Up: Thor #1 (with new female Thor)

Most Anticipated Geek Event of 2015: Are You kidding Me!?

There’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Gets Coffee! There’s Evolve, another game that looks like it’s daring to be different! There’s Halo 5, because at some point in my Halo fandom I decided it’s just mandatory to give each of these games a chance even though Halo 4 was incredibly disappointing. There’s another Batman Arkham something game, because come-on, Batman. My friggen’ shows are coming back! Mid-season finale–what crap is that? I’m sure there are tons more that I’m not thinking of. I think I’m gonna just toot my own horn and say that my most anticipated geek event of 2015 is me starting my web comic, which will be published right here! The entire comic will be practice for my more serious storyline that I’d love to actually sell. So, 2015, get ready for “The Comic Formerly Known As Untitled”, a throwback to my old comic strip “Untitled”.

*Runner Up: Outside The Box ( a joint project between me and @theleakymind )

Be Ready...

Be Ready…