Portland Retro Gaming Expo Kicks Off This Weekend

Oct 19, 2017

Button mashers unite, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo returns to the Oregon Convention Center this weekend! For the 12th straight year, Portland will dip its toes into the waters of nostalgia with a celebration of all things retro gaming.

Image Courtesy of Mr. Bray (https://mrbray.com/)

With a rise in popularity over the past decade, retro gaming has worked its way into the hearts of people worldwide and there’s no better introduction for newcomers than the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. For three days, gamers from all over the Pacific Northwest unite to see their favorite YouTube and Podcast personalities talk about the history and future of games as we know it. Speakers and special guests include well-known gaming community members Norm Caruso (The Gaming Historian), Pat Contri (Pat the NES Punk), and Kelsey Lewin (Owner, Pink Gorilla Games) as well as game designers and engineers.

In addition to a wide array of panels, the Rose City will also play host to a large number of vendors and enthusiasts that will bring their wares from all over the country. Along with every retro game one can imagine also comes a batch of newly designed games for old systems. Commonly referred to as Home Brews, these titles are brand new adventures that can be played on your favorite console, whether it be the Atari Jaguar or the original NES.

The adventure starts on Friday, October 20th, with a Free-Play arcade where you and your friends can hone your skills on a variety of arcade cabinets, no quarters required. Make sure you’ve got your tickets and some aspirin for your thumbs because the Portland Retro Gaming Expo will surely be a blast.

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