Postal: Laura One Shot REVIEW

Mar 12, 2018

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Postal: Laura #1
Image Comics

Story By: Bryan Hill
Art By: Isaac Goodhart
Cover By: Raffaele Ienco
Release date: 3/14/18

If you are not familiar with the town of Eden, Wyoming, allow me to take you on a brief tour. It is a small town with an unknown population of thieves, criminals, and the like. Founded by Issac Shiffron as a place of salvation, it turned into a living Hell after its first “official” murder. This attracts the attention of the FBI to this little slice of heaven. Now it is all the Shiffron family can do to keep their secret village of ne’er-do-wells out of the public eye. This is where Laura comes in, she is the guardian angel of Eden. Mrs. Shiffron will keep control by any means necessary. She would even go as far as risking the life of her son, Mark.

Maggie, the local law officer of Eden, is married to Mark. Afraid of continuing an evil legacy. Laura tries to convince them otherwise with little to no luck. This is where things start getting really interesting in this issue. The reader is made to believe that even though Eden was founded by criminals, they do their best to stay clean. It would appear that words like legal and illegal have transferable definitions here. Similar to other small towns, like Twin Peaks, everything is not as it seems in Eden. It makes you wonder who is really in charge here.

The story in these pages is very dark, but also very intriguing. You will find yourself cheering on the villains of this book, but then also wondering if they really are wrong. The artwork is basic yet it is full of life. I always enjoy simple art done well over extremely detailed panels that take away from the dialogue. Case in point is the page I chose for this review, a lot is said in those 5 panels. This one-shot is a must have for any Postal fans and I would even recommend it to those not familiar with the story. It may just make you want to take a trip to Eden… if you dare.

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