Prophets, Sheep, and Those Who Chase – “Indoctrination” Chapter One (Review)

Jun 23, 2016

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'Indoctrination' issue one cover. (The GWW/Courtesy of Z2 Comics)

‘Indoctrination’ issue one cover. (The GWW/Courtesy of Z2 Comics)

Indoctrination Chapter One 
Z2 Comics

Story by: Michael Moreci
Art by: Matthew Battaglia

Here’s something a nameless and only parts of his body were shown at the end of Indoctrination chapter one says:

In your holy text, the serpent is looked upon as the symbol of great evil. But what did the serpent do other than push people into an inevitable direction? The serpent changed the world. And now I ask of you– the task before us is divine and essential. The end times are near. And we must be the catalyst for the war to end all wars. It is our sacred duty to see this world burn to the ground.

That’s how “Prophets, Sheep, and Those Who Chase,” teases you to, hopefully, come back to read its continuation come July. Try this two-step thought experiment with yourself:

(1) Once you’ve read the comic, what immediately comes to mind, especially with particular heeding to that ending quote?

This is what I thought of:

(For the record, my “The Dark Knight” is No. 2 on my favorite movies of all-time list.)

Anyway… Thoughts?

(2) Read the quote, again. Now what are you thinking?

For me, Matthew Battaglia, artist of Indoctrination, was right when he told me this book “ain’t quite, your typical comic topic” and that domestic terrorism is “apocalyptic, frightening.” Okay… to avoid climbing onto any particular political soapbox, just know that this comic is worth reading for those who like to think. Each character has a motivation, an opinion, an origin story, etc., etc. What all of those are from individual to individual is what we’re set to find out in the nine chapters to follow.

The story being weaved here is one that won’t have you, the reader, necessarily bandwagon jumping from one character’s perceptions over to another, and so on. Instead what Michael Moreci and Battaglia have done is make you question and ponder what each of these people are saying and how they go about their business. No one is the same. As you read, you’ll be a part of what’s told because you yourself will be inserting your two cents into it as well.

Indoctrination has you take your own ingrained perceptions already ingrained and ask yourself, “Wait. What was my stance before?” It’ll leave you wanting to, not only, read more, but also to feel like you’re knowing because it challenges ones intellect. That in itself speaks volumes to the writing of Moreci and the art of Battaglia. When both are brought together into one, it creates a realistic world that’s actually completely in-tune with what’s going on with our real-lives. What do you call that? Oh, yeah. Grounded story-telling, something that’s way too niche nowadays.

*If you didn’t read it yet, check out what Moreci and Battaglia had to say about there new comic series in an interview with The GWW.

Pre-order and buy the first issue of Indoctrination now at Comixology. 

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