Psychotic’s Colossus Down (Review)

Feb 11, 2021


Produced by Mango Protocol

Released January 28, 2021

Seven-year-old, Nika Allen, has built a mech and is hellbent on the destruction of anything she deems uncool. She also doesn’t have to be alone. Her frenemy, Agatha Knife, transforms into the Bleeding Pig God attempting to rid the world of anyone not committed to carnivorism. This two-player adventure is psychotic fun not meant for the whole family.

I really tried to get into this game but found myself a wee bit disgusted and bored. I wanted to take the time to be as unbiased as possible. It was difficult because this game has all the charm of a school shooter. And that’s exactly how you start out – destroying the school.

Now, having said that I did not care for the story, the art was cute and expressive. After you murder fellow classmates and teachers, their little brains are rendered nicely, never leaving you wondering what anything is. The cover art encouraged me to try this game.

While the gameplay did start off as repetitive, it got better over time as more moves and combos are introduced. I found the first level difficult to complete – twice – not because it was complicated, but because I spent however many minutes with zero resistance hitting the same buttons to break stuff. There isn’t even a point system that I could see. The enemies will have health taken away in the form of health points, but I saw no real objective except to destroy.

The challenge of not overheating and balancing my moves eventually developed into some enjoyment. There are also quite a few Easter eggs along the way to keep you busy if you can catch them. So, keep your eyes peeled. The music was fun and upbeat matching the style of the game nicely. While I didn’t get far enough to experience any differing story lines, I did play with my 15-year-old who truly seemed to enjoy it. I don’t know if that should worry me or not.

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I doubt I will be returning to this game much if at all. In fact, I will probably delete and pretend this didn’t happen. I can see someone enjoying this though when there are frustrations of the day that need to be annihilated but would definitely let them know what they are getting.



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