‘Punisher’ and ‘Arrow’ Director Lexi Alexander Expresses Interest In Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’

Oct 28, 2015


There’s been some “chatter” on certain sites that Marvel is considering scrapping or removing Iron Fist from their Netflix lineup leading up to the Defenders. A bit farfetched considering that the series was announced alongside Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage series during the original announcement, a series contract with Netflix being prearranged would be hard to back out of.

Although, it’s almost 2016 and we find it odd that Marvel hasn’t found a showrunner for the series. Along with Danny Rand being excluded from a series like Luke Cage feels a bit odd to us, considering their close relationship. We’d assume Rand would get an introduction to viewers via Cage. Some talk points to Marvel still feeling out what that vision could be, and if in fact Rand could be played by a white or asian actor, along with how grounded it should be. We’ve already suggested a slew of Asian-American and Asian actors who would fit perfectly in the series.

The last person who came out to suggest a desire in Fist was The Raid‘s Gareth Evans, who is currently working on untitled film and would likely be too busy to tackle a series anytime soon. However, there is someone recently who did give the impression they would be interested if they were allowed to pitch to Marvel.

Lexi Alexander, best known for her feature directorial efforts Green Street Hooligans and Punisher: War Zone talked to The Nerds of Color, when asked about doing Iron Fist, she expressed some interest in the project. The host mentioning that an Asian lead was certainly a good idea, considering the lack of representation in the genre and Hollywood in general. Getting in the door at Marvel Television to pitch, is another matter, but we have our fingers crossed for her.

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Here’s what Lexi had to say about getting involved.

“I could literally go in and pitch it.. but see for that, they would have to let me, this is the thing..”

“Melissa Rosenberg, I believe is Jessica Jones right, the showrunner.. she’s written Twilight and Dexter, which are not necessarily like you see Jessica Jones, we all think she must have done an incredible job it looks amazing, it’s like she did it right.”

“It’s not unusual to bring people in and ask but, I could try and see if I can get a meeting..Yeah, but I’m not sure they’re even interested which is such a bummer, because you know I could turn this into the most popular show ever, I’m tell you.. but if I would make that show and cast it.. I mean it’s Iron Fist and martial arts, it would be unbelievable..” 

It’s hard to ignore Lexi’s fingerprints already in the Netflix MCU with the Daredevil creatives lifting the look of Hell’s Kitchen directly from Punisher: War Zone. Check out this “dead serious” cut of a War Zone trailer, which could give you an idea of what Fist could look like in the hands of Lexi.

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Lexi recently directed an episode of Arrow, jumping right back in her comic book genre roots. She expressed a desire to get involved with other television projects such as Supergirl and David Goyer’s Krypton prequel series. Alexander seems game for more television projects, and seemed to particularly interested in trying to a meeting setup for Fist. While War Zone was more of satirical look at the genre, she has done serious/grounded material before, which we expect will be the aim for Fist as well.

We’ve noticed the trend that Marvel has been hiring people directly from the world of television, while that’s been great so far, it doesn’t seem to have led to anyone with a real vision for a Fist series. I don’t think it would hurt to let Lexi put something together, and at least meet with Marvel Television to talk about her ideas. Having someone with an actual martial arts background, writing and directing abilities, along with superhero genre experience aren’t terrible attributes to have.

Lexi’s Arrow episode airs tomorrow.



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