Rae Marie’s Cosplay Is Inspired By Her Love For All Things Animation

May 27, 2015


Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill) (DarkFox Photography)

Name: Rachel Mauro (Rae Marie Cosplay)

Location: New York, NY

Twitter: @rae_marie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/raemariecosplay

Photographer(s): OhHeyItsSK, D. Brooks, Photo82, Darkfox Photography

What was your first Cosplay experience?
The first cosplay I did was a closet cosplay of Nana Oosaki from Nana. Needless to say, I’ve improved since then.

How long have you been Cosplaying?
I started cosplaying almost 10 years ago, a lot has changed since then! At that time there was barely any social media and there were no cosplay pages, cosplay photographers, etc. The only pictures you got back were from your friends or a random photo from a cheap camera somewhere on deviantart or flickr.

Who or What inspired you to take up Cosplaying?
When I went to my first convention in 2005, I immediately fell in love with cosplay. Right after that I started working on costumes and had made one that was ready for the following year’s convention.

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If you had to pick a favorite Cosplay you have worn or have seen someone else wear, what would it be?
My favorite cosplay I’ve done is definitely Reira from Nana. I had wanted to do that dress for so long, and finally completed it last year.

If you had unlimited funds and resources, what Cosplay would you create?
It’s so difficult to decide because there are SO MANY that I want to do. One that I really want to make is Lulu from Final Fantasy X which would be incredibly expensive if I used the leathers and furs I actually wanted to instead of fake and faux.

What advice would you offer others who are aspiring Cosplayers?
Ask questions, a lot of questions. There is always someone out there on the internet who can help you and has probably done it before. Also don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, you never know what opportunities are out there!

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To learn more about Rae Marie’s Cosplay feel free to follow her on Twitter: @rae_marie or Facebook: www.facebook.com/raemariecosplay

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