Rai #1 Review (Valiant Comics)

May 1, 2014

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PULLBOX-001-cov-fd471Rai #1

Written by: Matt Kindt

Art by: Clayton Crain

When it comes to comic book characters nothing appeals to me more than an uber badass with a Sword. So when I saw Valiant comics RAI I knew I had to give this book a chance. RAI takes place in the year 4001 AD, a distant future where androids are given as companions at puberty and crime is almost non-existent. A seemingly Utopia has been created in Japan all controlled by the god like “father.” To keep order and stability throughout Japan’s many districts the “father” has created RAI; a one man army designated to follow orders, investigate, and eliminate any problems that may disrupt the Japan’s natural order and honor. After a 1000 years of seemingly peaceful living Japan is struck with its first murder and RAI must find out who is behind it and why before the whole system comes crashing down around him.RAI-001-001-c9ee9

Writer Matt Kindt has created a world that is one part Blade Runner, one part Demolition Man, and added a dash of our favorite sword wielding super heroes. Kindt is just setting the stage for what looks to be a very intriguing sci-fi mystery and I can’t wait to see what happens next. This first issues grabs you and holds you tight forcing you to ask questions and demand answers.

While Kindt’s writing seems to be giving us just a taste of this world; Clayton Crain’s art drowns you with an art style that I would dare anyone not to love. Characters, locations, even the climate all feel tangible, real, and life like. If a video game looked this good we would all be singing its praises. Crain’s art is what immediately drew me to Rai #1 and now I feel sullied to other artist. I just want everything to look this good even real life.