Ranking The Halloween Franchise

The Night He Came Home…..Again and Again

The Halloween franchise is one of the most interesting horror franchises of all time. Starting with a little indie flick back in 1978, this franchise has seen amazing highs, terrible lows, bizarre entries and misguided remakes. But how does each film stack up against each other?

Here is the Halloween franchise ranked from worse to best.

11. Rob Zombie’s Halloween II

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A horrible, mean spirited and cruel film that subverts expectations in all the wrong ways. Rob Zombie takes some of the most likeable horror characters of Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode and turns them into screaming, vile and horrible mirror images of themselves. Then there’s bizarre white horse imagery, and Michael Myers is a hobo? Burn this movie at the stake because there isn’t a single redeeming quality in this disaster of a film. One of the worst horror films ever made.

10. Rob Zombie’s Halloween

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Did we mention that Rob Zombie’s Halloween II was awful? Ok just checking because his first attempt at the Halloween Franchise is just as horrible. The first half is just basically an unnecessary and generic backstory of The Shape that nobody asked for. It’s just you run-of-the-mill broken home backstory; that’s just boring as all hell. The 2nd half is just a retelling of the movie we’ve seen before, except much, much worse. Like the sequel, every character is unlikeable and you’re constantly hoping for their demise. Rob Zombie should have never been allowed to touch this franchise.

9. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

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Time to get stupid, because this is the film where the franchise started to go downhill. But it wasn’t just a steady decline, no it was driving your car off a cliff type of decline. Right off that bat this movie makes the misguided decision (and that’s being kind) of ruining the incredible ending of Halloween 4. Nope, instead of Jamie taking up the mantle of her uncle, the filmmakers thought it would be a brilliant idea to make her a mute and bring Michael back again. The result is one of the worst entries in the franchise. Filled with characters who belonged on “Full House”, Sam Loomis acting like a crazy man and introducing the nonsensical Cult of Thorn plot. Just a bizarre, fever dream nightmare of a film.

8. Halloween Resurrection

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The “Batman and Robin” of Halloween movies. Now while most people would have “Resurrection” at the bottom of their lists, at least this film is extremely entertaining in all the wrong ways. The most starts out boring and bad, but once Busta Rhymes shows up, that’s when the movie really ventures into “Jason X” territory of so bad, it’s good territory. Honestly, the best way to describe this film is if Halloween, MTV and American Pie had a baby; this is the result that would pop out. Grab a beer and a pizza and have a grand time with this film!

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7. Halloween 3: Season of The Witch

How 'Halloween III' Went From Reviled to Revered in Just 30 Years

The only entry in the Halloween franchise without Michael Myers is definitely one of the most bizarre. John Carpenter said he was done with Michael Myers and wanted to turn the Halloween franchise into an anthology series. The result is a film filled with robots, masks that melt people’s heads and weird witchcraft rituals. One can’t fault this film for trying to get creative and any movie starring Tom Atkins is always a delight. Unfortunately, not everything comes together properly and Halloween 3 is ultimately a mixed bag.

6. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers brings the franchise back to simplicity; even if that was to a fault. After fans rejected Halloween 3, the franchise went back to basics with a film that many consider to be one of the better Halloween sequels. Michael wakes up after he realizes he now has a niece named Jamie. Newcomer Danielle Harris gives a very impressive child performance as Jamie. A performance so good, it makes the ending even more tragic. It’s easily one of the greatest horror endings in cinematic history.

Outside of those factors, “Return” is just a repeat of what we’ve seen before. Rachel is just a far less compelling version of Laurie, Sam Loomis has to stop Michael, etc. There are far worse Halloween movies you could watch, but there are also much better ones as well.

5. Halloween 6: Producer’s Cut

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If Halloween 3 wasn’t the most bizarre entry in the franchise, Halloween 6 definitely takes the cake. Panned by critics on initial release, the theatrical cut or “Curse of Michael Myers” was a film torn to shreds by Harvey Weinstein and featured so many scenes of unnecessary gore. It wasn’t until recently that the Producers Cut came to light. This version commits to the Cult of Thorn plot and for the most part, succeeds in what it’s trying to be. It’s still got many subplots that don’t make a lot of sense and scenes of Paul Rudd being a creeper but we dare to say this is the most underrated of all the Halloween films.

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4. Halloween 2

If we’re talking purely about atmosphere and setting, Halloween 2 would be the MVP. Haddonfield Hospital might be the most frightening and creepy setting in horror movie history. The directing, camerawork, lighting, score and tone are all all-timers when it comes to the Horror Genre. The same cannot be said for the story and creative decisions with the characters however. Making Laurie Strode Michael Myers’ sister was contrived and a creative mistake that would handcuff the franchise for the next 30 years. Still, Halloween 2 is a very solid watch and despite it’s faults, makes for a great Halloween double feature.

3. Halloween H20

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Trying to capture the magic that was 1996’s “Scream”, “Halloween H2O” brings back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode; a much needed kick in the pants after the disaster that was “Curse of Michael Myers.” While the plot is basically the same thing we’ve seen before, the additions of Josh Harnett, LL Cool J and Michelle Williams definitely adds character and star power to an otherwise generic movie. It’s basically is more of the same like Halloween 4 and the original, but the star-studded cast adds enough flavor to make it different.

2. Halloween (2018)

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The 2nd best Halloween film and it’s not even close. After the abominations that were the Rob Zombie films, the franchise would again try to recapture the magic of the 1978 original. It’s safe to say that Halloween 2018 succeeded in those ambitions. John Carpenter returns to provide a brilliant score, Jamie Lee Curtis returns (again) and the additions of Lori Geer and newcomer Andi Matichak helped round out this amazing sequel with some of the most likeable horror characters ever put on screen. Add in brilliant cinematography, amazing kills and a satisfying finale and you’ve got yourself the best Halloween film in the past 30 years.

1. Halloween (1978)

Halloween' 1978: The Times Finally Reviews a Horror Classic - The ...

Did you expect anything else? What’s there to be said about this film that hasn’t already been said? Halloween (1978) is one of the greatest horror films ever made. Period, end of discussion. It’s the film that single-handedly launched the Slasher Genre into the mainstream, as well as kickstarting the legendary careers of Jamie Lee Curtis and director John Carpenter. Everybody knows that iconic theme song and everybody knows who Michael Myers is. Simply legendary.

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