Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro – Checking it Out!

Dec 19, 2020


Hey folks, Joe here at Geeks Worldwide and today we’re checking out the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Gaming keyboard with Razors Green switches. It also offers wireless transmission if you’re so inclined, and overall it feels great. It is $230. Get that out of the way early, but I think at this price point it’s actually worth it, particularly if you can find it on sale. 

So let’s take a look at a little tour about the device and some things that right off the bat I like and dislike, and we’ll go from there. 

So first thing to note is that this leatherette wrist wrap is completely optional. It’s included in the box. It does not magnetically clip onto the keyboard like the one that is included with the Ornata keyboard. From razer. It feels good. I like it. You kind of get a sense for how squishy it is, but I don’t know what long-term wear and tear will look like. 

I imagine you can replace this or maybe 1520 bucks from Razer. Not 100% sure about that, but you know it’s not like it’s core to the keyboard. I personally need it so it’s important to me and that’s why I wanted to call it out early. Get out of the way. Now let’s talk about the keyboard itself. You get a full size keyboard with the number pad dedicated Arrow keys. 

An whatever this is called also. 

Multimedia, so instead of a keyboard where you have the function row with dual purpose instead you have dedicated multimedia keys. One gripe I have about this is that the you can tell from the video and I can even tell from where I am. It’s about a foot and a half away from the keyboard. 

I don’t know what these buttons are, so I mean I actually know, but I can’t tell from looking right, so this is previous track play, pause and next track. I wish that those buttons were illuminated like these are. It would be nice to see what they are, but it is what it is. This volume dial is awesome. I really like this. You see how they change colors? That’s so cool. 

And I really like how it sticks out. So if it’s not obvious I’ll try my best to get it captured here. It sticks out from the actual chassis here, so it’s not in flush alignment and I think it looks really good. Draws attention to this larger button and it also functions as a mute button so you can push it down and mute your sound, which is super cool. 

Alright, we have to talk about this, Bluetooth and otherwise USB based 2.4 Hertz triggers transmission. Using this slider you can make that decision which way you want to go or you can do it wired which you want to do to charge it. This has a wireless battery, sorry, rechargeable battery in it. 

This red status light is just to let you know that it’s charging and when it’s not charging it turns off boot and if you’re low on power this will light up. Plus sign apps will alert you and let you know about that on the back. 

USB C port. 

Get that in there we go, the USB C port that is awesome. It’s good to see that the V3 here is using USB C all of razors V2 products used micro USB an I would imagine that the death Adder when this V3 when the V3 model. This comes out in pro and the Black Widow when this comes out in Pro V3. 

Also be USB C based instead of micro USB. All right, I want to show you the lighting options, so I’m going to turn off the lights here. OK here we go. I’m very boring guys. So I use the standard settings, the standard static kind of backlighting. 

But there are a number of different options. 

That we can check out so this one is volume based, but the PC is not making any sound, so that’s why it’s not working. This is an ambient awareness, so I’m on the left speaking and so that’s why it’s lighting up there. 

There you go. Now the right side starts to light up. 

Here’s one of the classic some razor. This is the breathing light and you can actually use two different colors. 

Come on, breathe. 

There you go. 

Spectrum cycling, which is a little more exciting. 


I’m going to put it back to. There’s also reactive, which is actually really cool to watch. 

Switch come on. 

And that’s really neat too. So if you’re not familiar with how Razer does, it’s. 

It’s chroma keyboard lighting. There’s a brief flavor of what it is. I’m very boring and plain, So what I do is just a static blue. I match it with the mouse and all of my other components. Have a Razer Raptor mouse, sorry monitor for example. That’s how I like to do business, but I like the options. I like the fact that you can lock your profile in. 

And then just look how cool. 

That lighting is I love seeing underneath the keys. Hopefully this is coming through and translating well for you here on the video, but I’m just a big fan of what Razer is doing here. OK, so you’re probably wondering what gaming is like and what typing is like as far as gaming goes. I haven’t had any issues playing my games over 2.4 Giga Hertz transmission. 

Over Bluetooth I played a little bit but I didn’t have any issues. I I just am not comfortable with Bluetooth on my keyboards, so I need to spend some time before I do a full review of this product, but so far so good. Now I’m going to go ahead and turn it off so you can see you can hear what the typing is like. 

Alright, if you’re wondering. 

I typed something about sports. OK, so. 

That’s the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro. This thing is an absolute unit. It is a beast. It is $230, but at this point easy for me to say it’s worth the money. I’m really enjoying it. I think you will too, but you don’t know until you try it out. Give it a shot. Razer has really good customer service, so if you’re not happy you’re experiencing an issue. 

I’m sure they will help you out. 

And do note that Razer Synapse software is really come a long way as far as compatibility, their machines and with Windows. But also what you can do with your profiles and different settings. It’s all it’s pretty much everything you need as far as I’m concerned, as a non pro gamer it’s everything you need to enjoy your keyboard, your mouse, your headphones, whatever is that you’re going to be using. 

For your setup, so thanks to Razer for providing me with this keyboard. Thanks to you for being part of our community and we’ll catch you on the next one. Cheers. 


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