Razer Huntsman Mini – 60% TKL – I Get It!

Feb 2, 2021


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Alright, this is the Razer Huntsman mini. It is a $120.00 Tenkey-less gaming keyboard. It brings all of the Razer quality and functionality that you would expect, but in a very small package, also known as a 60%. Now the drive behind these small keyboards is for gamers who are looking for more room for their mouse on their desk. 

And I get that I really do, so I use a giant keyboard. 

There’s ergonomically friendly and the reason I do that is I need better ergonomics. I tend to stand when I work. I use an ergonomic mouse. Ergonomic keyboard actually helps me even more than an ergonomic mouse with two hands that are both affected. But with this keyboard I did run it for a few days. I didn’t give it the multiple weeks that I typically do on keyboards because I just couldn’t really tolerate it with my risk. 

And that’s a bit of it’s too bad for me because my motivation is not the gamer side that I described. It’s the space saving side. When I first saw these gaining popularity, it was before I knew about the gamer drive behind. I was like, man, I really want this. This is awesome, right? It’s tiny, it does everything I needed to do, except for the number pad. But I can get a wireless number pad, just put on the side. 

That’d be a great setup. 

But unfortunately, because of the way it’s structured, which is it’s a problem for me and I’m in the minority here. I just couldn’t drive it too much, so I’ll get you a closer look at the keyboard here in a moment. Kind of walk you through the features and what I know about it. My experience was like I’ll put all the negative stuff to the side about my wrist, because it’s probably not going to be your problem. And yeah. 

I’ll walk you through it if it is your problem. Get an ergonomic keyboard alright. Here we go. 


As I mentioned, this is the Razer Huntsman Mini $120.00, mostly made out of plastics. Although there is a bit of aluminum just here on the top of the keyboard deck, so between the key actuation and the base there’s a little strip of aluminum. It does feel good and it’s only 15 ounces, so it’s quite light, but it’s also in a small package so. 

If you compare it to another keyboard that might be 30 ounces. It’s also a lot smaller, so the reason that’s important is it doesn’t feel cheap, right? It is a dense. 

Little device an it screams quality in my opinion it’s USB connected right here through this gap. That is the only way to connect it to your machine, so it’s not wireless in any way, so you get USB C out and plugged in over USB a now the overall feel of the keys is really something special. 

And it’s a shame for me. I really wish I could drive this everyday. Just listen to how quiet this is. 

Now it’s not whisper quiet, right? My ergonomic keyboard I showed you earlier it’s quiet, is is quieter than this Huntsman mini. But something that feels this good and is this quiet? 

I really like now is a bit of a more of a mushy actuation, so you’re not going to get that clicky clackety mechanical sound, but it is a mechanical keyboard. 

So OK, a couple of things I want to point out. You get the full Razer Chroma treatment here. There are no limitations of restrictions on Razer Chroma in this device as compared to something like a flagship Razer keyboard, like the Deathadder. Or sorry, the Black Widow V3 Pro, which I’m working on. A full review of right now. That keyboard is just. 

Amazing, it’s so so good. But you know no limitations, right? It’s the same chroma capability. It’s still running inside a Synapse 3.0 so keep that in mind if you’re into the razor profiling. If that’s why you’re looking at the razor tenkeyless versus some other brand, then you’re not going to be left behind. 

OK, the other thing I want to point out is how multi function keys are going to work here. So most of these keys have some kind of secondary feature to them. Now if you look closely at the period in question Mark Keys or forward slash rather you’re going to have pause and insert as additional functionality. And as I went through this I was like wait a minute about the function key row. 

So you’ve got, you’ve got your number row one through 0. 

And those have all the same secondary functions, so Shift 7 is ampersand, for example. Then if you look underneath those keys really closely, you’re going to see the function key. So F1 through F 12. 

Well then what about all the multimedia stuff that we normally see associated with the function key row? Now when I first saw this like, well, that sucks. I don’t I can’t change my brightness, I can’t change my volume, but it actually is here and I can’t tell you off the top of my head where it is. I gotta flip it over. OK so G&H is going to be the brightness of the keyboard and then Q through T. 

Or how he’ll adjust the multimedia so change track and that type of thing long term use on this. I can’t imagine being as. 

Iaccessible as a standard keyboard, but there’s no work around here like this, is it? If you’re looking for a minimal keyboard that’s by necessity tenkeyless. It’s also going to have to be dedicated media key lists as well. Now. One thing Razer could do, I suppose, is they could ship an additional. 

Maybe even a wireless. 

So I don’t know what to call it, but like a secondary multimedia device they just set on your table and maybe or your desk and you kind of move it around. Maybe they can make it capacitively charge like their Viper mouse does on their on their mouse pad, so I don’t know if you’ve seen that, but there’s a mouse pad that Razer produces that is a wireless charger. So as you’re using the. 

Little charge things called the Firefly they could do. I mean, I’m really getting like crazy ideas here, But anyway, they could do something like that. But for what this is, it is a perfectly minimal tenkeyless keyboard, 60% keyboard for $120.00 with all the Razer quality you can expect. 

So my gripes earlier about the feel. With my risk, you know, hey, that’s just my problem that I’ve got to deal with. So maybe I represent maybe like 1% of people. I have no idea, but I think for most people then if they’re looking for a tenkeyless, they’re going to be really happy with this. Now there is one negative that I have to mention. 

For whatever reason, mindshift wobbly. 

It drove me bananas, so it’s probably something with the size of the feet. It does feel to me that this here we go. This particular foot is thicker than this foot and I think that’s contributing to it, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll take them off and just see how they perform. 

Now there is the adjustable height, so you can do a 6% or sorry six degree grade or a nine degree grade. 

In typical razor fashion. So yeah, I like it. Very cool. Oh you know I just I just notice this to look at how it says for gamers by gamers on the back. That’s really neat. So yeah, great job by Razer. It’s a good keyboard. I definitely recommend it if you’re into the tenkeyless movement and just, you know, make sure yours doesn’t wobble. And if it does return it, get one that doesn’t wobble. 

If you can’t find one that doesn’t wobble. 

Let me know that be really weird. I could hit that back to Razer. Alright, thanks a lot for watching. See you on the next one. Cheers. 


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