Razer Opus Headset – So Good!

Feb 8, 2021


Hey guys I’m super excited about this one. This is the $200 Razer Opus THX certified headset. This competes with the likes of the Bose Noise cancelling headphones like the QC 35 or the seven Hundreds. Also with the Sony W ETC ETC 1000 something or other. And they’re actually really well priced or extremely comfortable and this is razors. 

Very first attempt at making a a headphone set that isn’t about gaming. Like you know, these are the black sharks right here. These are gaming oriented. I really like these two, but you’re not going to connect this to your phone and. 

You know it doesn’t have Bluetooth support, so this is designed for noise cancelling is also designed for conference calls. The zoom calls all that kind of thing, so you connect it to your PC, your tablet, your phone, the whole deal, and it’s really, really good there’s. There’s an app as well for the phone. That’s alright, an overall I really like these headphones, so I’m going to put the camera down and get a little closer up with it and give you a tour. Will talk about the design, the comfort. 

And the performance. So yeah, buckle up for this one. It’s a really good headset. 


First of all, thanks to Razor for saying this over to me for the purpose of this review, let’s do a quick tour. So on both sides of the headband, you have the razor branding right razor here and razor here. You also have branding for THX, which is a sound company that is very well known but also Razor owns this company now. How much of the quality? 

This headset comes from THX. I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s any way to possibly know when a company gets acquired. You know, things get moved around and change. 

But I can tell you, they do sound really good. I’m coming off the Anker Soundcore life Q30, which I did a review of those for $80.00. This is 200. I saw them on sale for 150 during the Christmas time. So if you happen to see them on sale again, I think you should go for it. It does come in other colors, a Mercury white and a black. This is sort of a blue, which hopefully you can see from the contrast in my shirt this is. 

Available on our website, by the way, and I like to look at this at first. Looking online, I thought, Oh yeah, blue. This is the way to go. But now that I see them in person, I think I’d prefer black or the Mercury white. But anyhow, here’s a tour of the IO. 

On the right side we have volume up and down. In a play pause button, it’s gonna be hard to show you, but the play pause button is actually more assessed than the plus and minus buttons. So when you’re not looking, you know it’s on your head and you’re trying to figure out which button to press. It didn’t take very long, maybe two days for me to feel like OK, I know precisely which button is which. 

So that’s a pretty good learning curve. 

On the other side, we have the noise cancelling button on or off, so it’s a toggle as well as ambient sound. And then here’s the power button. The power button is about a four second hold to start it in a 5 second hold to turn it off. There’s really cool sound effects when you turn it on, and when you turn it off. Let me give you a sample of that. Hopefully this comes through. 

Yeah, yeah, sounds sort of like a spaceship. It’s pretty neat. We’re going to hold it to oops pressed it too many times hold down, turn it off. Yeah about 5 seconds. OK, so these are really comfortable, which might be the most important thing here. Aside from knowing that the sound quality is really, totally fine, I’m not very good at. Rating sound quality by the way, they sound better than those. 

Anker Soundcore lives. They sound totally just the same to me as the Sony WXM 1000. Something or other T1000 I don’t know. 

Those are just way too expensive. 330 bucks. This is $200 you can get for 150 like I mentioned, but I think that even at $200 it like the difference between this and the sound cord. $80.00 It’s noticeable to work $120.00 more to get this. The difference between this and the Sony’s I just don’t see it. One advantage to the Sony’s. You can connect it to multiple devices simultaneously. This Razer headset doesn’t have that, but. 

I mean, unless you really have that need and it’s like really dire to your your productivity, I don’t know why you would do it. OK, they are comfortable. I have big ears, but my ears fit well inside of this. These ear cuffs are memory foam. 

You can see that memory isn’t like super long lasting, which I think is good ’cause they what that does it gives you that passive noise cancelling when you put it over your ears, and that’s really important if you’re looking for noise cancelling headphones, you don’t want to rely solely on the active noise cancelling, which can drain your battery life. And yeah, headset or sorry the headband is the same. It also has a memory foam. 

This tighter, however, these never felt too warm. They never felt too tight. I kept them in the lowest tension, but you can increase the distance an inch there and an inch here. You know roughly an inch. 

And there’s really good tension here, by the way, you know I never felt like jiggling it. Look at that first time I tested this, the jiggling never does not move it. At least at this point, these are about three weeks old for me. But yeah, these they feel good. They sound good. I think they’re priced well. They connect to Bluetooth connected to my phone, access in my tablet and it can just switch to whatever device I. 

I want to use it on after I powered them on an IT reverts back to the device was last connected to, so it’s going to your phone and then you get to your tablet and then you want to. 

Go back to your phone to your Bluetooth menu and hit the button. There’s also an app. The app is just as you’d expect. You can adjust the levels or some presets, and to me I keep it on a voice focus ’cause I mostly use this for phone calls and for conference calls with my cell phone. I really like this headset. I think you would too, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re watching this, you’re probably looking for confirmation that the Razer Opus is a good device. 

And I would say that for Razer’s very first foray into you know headphones that aren’t for gaming. 

These are spectacular and I had my eyes on these for months. I’m so thankful I finally got a chance to test them out. Now before I let you go, I’m also reviewing the Razer Black Shark V2 gaming headset, so this is for PC’s. It’s connected over USB dongle and yeah this is a totally different ball game in terms of. 

The way it feels the way it looks, it’s definitely more of a gamer aesthetic. But keep an eye out for review on this one soon, so that’s the Razer Opus $200 one 50 on sale if you can find it that way. It comes in multiple colors. 

It’s comfortable, it’s easy to use. And yeah, I like the way they look overall, and it might seem a bit like every other headset I guess. But if you look closely. 

I think you’ll find some differences. So 01. Last thing I should mention. Gosh, this should have been the middle OK microphone quality. So the way I tested the microphone is I didn’t tell people but I just made phone calls and I talked to people and when I had the sonys people would complain that my son was cutting out and I would notice whenever I turned on the sound the Sony for the first time. 

With a phone call. 

So I get a phone calls coming in. I turn on the Sony’s they connect and I jumped into that call. They would kind of disconnect like they connected, disconnect on and off like a stutter and that was obviously a big problem for me and the person I was on the phone with. I have no problem like that with this headset. I didn’t have that problem with the anchors either so it might have been just a dud Sony that I had but 330 bucks. There’s no way I was keeping those headphones given. 

That problem in particular back to the microphone. Very comfortable. No one ever complained about the way I sound, and I spent hours and hours on phone calls in last two. Two to three weeks with these. OK, that’s it. I promise. Thanks for watching, and we’ll catch you on the next one. Cheers. 


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