Razer Pro Type Keyboard is a good first GEN

Feb 16, 2021

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Alright, this is razors Pro type keyboard. 

This is aimed at business professionals or people who they know the razor brand they want to keep the razor feel but also they need something that’s more geared towards productivity than it is for gaming. 

Otherwise, it just wouldn’t exist. 

So hopefully I’m extrapolating the marketing positioning well enough here. 

I think that that’s important, because that’s really the pre tax or how I reviewed this. 

I reviewed this as if. 

I wear business professional. 

I mean I am a business professional but I didn’t. 

I didn’t take the same attack I would with a gaming keyboard or something like. 


There we go. 

The Black Widow V3 Pro. This is an absolute. 

Beast, and This is an awesome keyboard as a preview on the channel and these are similar but different so. 

Difference is first of all you don’t get the perky chroma lighting, it’s a single lighting. It’s multi stage. It gets very bright and only the backlighting occurs. So the multi function or secondary actions that some keys can perform do not light up. This was an issue on Razor’s laptops. If you think that’s like 2000. 

18, 2017, etc. The back the multifunction didn’t light up and that was a bit of a challenge right? But it’s not as big of a deal here, mostly because you can’t actually configure this keyboard to default to the multifunction key. So with a lot of keyboards do is along the function row. They have multi use so you can do play. Pause your music. 

Skip tracks, adjust the volume, adjust the backlighting. 

You can’t set that as the default, So what you can do is you can remap those keys so that the default gets overwritten, and then you can change it to do almost all of those things. 

You can’t actually change it to do the backlighting, so that will always have to be a function press in order to make that happen. 

So that’s a bit annoying. 

You can also change the backlighting. 

In sign apps and you can also tell it to timeout a certain amount of time of inactivity. 

And that’s pretty helpful, so the layout. 

It makes perfect sense. 

This is a keyboard that will not surprise you when you look at it, but it may surprise you when you start typing on it. 

So the nature of the keys, these are mechanical keys that razor is using. 

These are orange keys, so have a listen. 

Alright, one more time. 

Alright, so you don’t have to rewind, you can just hear it twice now. 

Here’s what the deathadder sorry the Black Widow sounds like. 

Right, it’s much louder. 

It’s much more precise in the way that it actuated, so you get a softer, more mushy landing out of out of these keys. 

But to me it actually feels really good. 

I found that I had fewer errors with this keyboard than I did with the Black Widow. 

And that’s a really good thing, right? That’s what we’re after, but when it comes to productivity, when it comes to ergonomics, like in the marketing on the website for this $100 keyboard, it literally says ergonomic keyboard, right? It’s part of the feature set or benefits. This is not an ergonomic keyboard. This is a regular keyboard, right? This is a standard keyboard layout. It doesn’t even come with the Palmrest was the. 


But it does now if you want to see what a true ergonomic keyboard looks like, here’s an example. 

This is a logic tech keyboard. 

It has no backlighting, doesn’t do anything fancy, it only connects. 

I think that’s correct. 

Yeah, only connects using the USB dongle, but it has an integrated wrist rest, which as you can see, gets a little gross overtime. 

But the organization right? 

The layout of the keys in the home row are more ergonomically friendly, which makes sense. 

’cause it’s an ergonomic keyboard. 

So then you switch to this and it says ergonomic is not going. 

So I don’t want to belabor the point for a lot of people. 

I’m sure it doesn’t matter, they don’t have issues like for many, many years. 

I typed on a keyboard with the same layout as this same layout as the Black Widow, and I had no problem but overtime a lot of use I’ve got, you know, a little bit of tendonitis in my wrist, so it’s harder for me to use these types of keyboards for a long time, particularly without a wrist rest. 

So something like this. 

This is by company called. 

Yeah, I don’t know. It’s some generic brand on Amazon. I think this was $15. I bought it a couple of years ago. I’ve used it off and on. Whenever I do reviews of keyboards like this that don’t come with real stress, so you may want to run out and get something like that. It made a huge impact for me. It made it a lot more comfortable to use this keyboard for the few weeks that I have in order to. 

Test it, but I am totally going back to my original keyboard because just because of my issues. 

OK now the feel the design, all that is fantastic. 

This is aluminum deck which is awesome. 

Then you get plastic all the way around and you can connect this to multiple devices, tablet, keyboard or sorry Connect a keyboard, keyboard, tablet, phone. 

Laptop desktop, so that’s pretty good. 

Connects over Bluetooth for multi device purposes or even just a one to one. 

You can use Bluetooth or you can use a direct connection over USB C or you’ve got your dongle adjustment. 


You can then plug it right into your USB into your PC. 

So here’s something pretty neat. 

The USB dongle magnetically clips onto the back. 

I like that that’s a nice touch. 

That’s pretty cool. OK so. 

Another thing I want to bring up is that even when I did the clicking test. 

Right translation about 77 decibels. 

So in contrast, when I type on that ergonomic non mechanical keyboard, you know it’s closer to 4550, so this can get pretty loud if you’re in a conference like you’re in a bunch of cubicles or something, or if you’re on a conference call and you don’t mute yourself, it’s pretty loud and we’ve all done it, right? We’ve all stealth typed during the zoom call or something. 

You don’t want to do that. 

You hit your mute button, right? 

You gotta hit your mute button if you’re going to type because it’s just too loud for that. 

So when it comes to productivity keyboard, I would like to see an ergonomic, a true ergonomic layout, like in that ergonomic Logitech I just showed. 

I also like to see a quieter experience, although it is mechanical. 


Know what you’re getting into. 

I think the price is fair. There’s one other thing and that’s the battery life. So the battery life on this is about 1 1/2 business days, right? So you’re going to get your 89 hours of use and then maybe a few more hours in the next day. You can kind of game it a little bit. You can set the keyboard to power off after a few minutes of inactivity. That will spare your battery. 

Quite a bit, and that’s but it’s not completely off. 

When you do that right? 

You still have to hit the if you hit the button to wake it up. 

It wakes up so it still has some sensors running. 

What I do is I did is I just turned it off overnight. 

I didn’t turn off, you know between browser tabs I just turned it off when I was done for the evening and then you know off I go next May turn it back on. 

Also OK, this just occurred to me. 

I totally rerecorded this entire review to make sure. 

I remember to say this and now it’s finally coming back to me. 

OK on the back. 

You can adjust the feet right so you have a bit of an angle and there’s two different angles, right? 

On the Black Widow Keyboard, a gaming keyboard, professional gaming keyboard, but nevertheless it’s labeled it says 6 degrees and 9 degrees right here. 

It’s not labeled, so you’re making a productivity keyboard. 

Let’s let’s kind of label these things so that people who are trying to be conscientious about their wrist placement and stuff like that. 

They’re going to have an indication of that by following best practices. 

In Ergonomics 9 degrees. 

Yes I am. 

There is a pretty cool thing and it kind of blows me away guys. 

Is that this mouse the pro click mouse is super ergonomic right? 

It’s not a vertical mouse of course, but nevertheless, like take that aside everything else about it is ergonomically friendly and I’ve been able to go from vertical mice to this and not actually have increased pain. 

And I compared that mouse. 

The MX Master 3 by the way and this mouse. 

Is better in my opinion. 

So yeah, that’s the pro type keyboard. 

I do like it. 

It’s a good keyboard. 

But a few little tweaks an it will be even better an. I know Razer can do it because they keep improving and if you saw my video from the end of last year about razors 2020, just all the things they released, including this an all the improvements they made their laptops really remarkable company. Happy to be working with them. Thank you for saying this over. Sorry I was a little **** ** it but. 

This is just kind of the nature of the gig, right? 

When we give it a thorough review and analysis for all those watching. 

So alright hope you enjoyed the video. 

Hope it was helpful and stay tuned. 

I’ve got a full review of that Black Widow coming up soon. 




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