Razer Wolverine V2 – Tour and Impressions

Mar 1, 2021


Alright, this is the Razer Wolverine V2. This is a wired controller for PC or the Xbox Series X. It’s been updated from The Wolverine V1 which came out in 2017 and it’s a really good controller so I haven’t had a chance to really put it through a ton of paces. That’s going to be happening over the next few weeks, at which point I’ll record a more formal review. 

But for now, this is an opportunity for you to see what this thing is all about. 

Get a, you know, get a feel for I get an idea of what’s like. 

I guess I’ll get the feel for it. 

And yeah, I’ll show you around the controller, so let’s dive into it. 

Is in all of its glory, The Wolverine V2. This is a complete redesign of the original V1. So here’s in this deck so we’ve got 274 grams in weight. It has a length of 6.35 inches, a width of four .16 and a height of just 2.5 inches. 

Now, how that translates into what it feels like, I can tell you, feels really good. 

I love the grips that razors put on this, so take a good look at that. 

They put this nice. 

Grip on it. 

And then the actual deck where you’re going to find the majority of the buttons. 

This is a really nice hard plastic. 

Listen to this. 

And you get the Razer logo on there as well. 

This is not obscene with chroma like we saw on the other Wolverine. 

That tab seems maybe a bit strong of a word, but this is all you get is just the one light that is wired. 

There’s no wireless option on this. 

As far as buttons go, so starting with the main deck, we have our D Pad 2 analog sticks. 

These are clickable. 

And they’re very tight, very responsive, which I like. 

Yeah, the Xbox button on the top. 

Get that in there for you. 

And two additional buttons here, such as menu and the new share button for the Xbox series, which is helpful. And then of course your XYAB buttons now on the top. 

We have our triggers. 

OK, so left and right trigger and the what was Microsoft called? 

These LBR be right? 

It’s different from Nintendo and from Sony there’s also two additional shoulder buttons up here. 

OK, alright, so on The Wolverine V2 you have these sliders. 

That changes the travel of the shoulder buttons. 

Here the triggers, so we’re going to do. 

I have one on shallow and one on. 

Deep so check this out. 

What’s the difference there? 

Alright, cool. 

Yeah, that’s the way I like it. 

OK, so I’ll spend some time with this and I’ll come back with a more formal impressions of the controller. 

I don’t have an Xbox series X, so unless I somehow managed to get one the next couple of weeks and trying, I’ll be doing my impressions using a PC. 

So there you go there you have it all right? 

Thanks a lot and I’ll get more info out to you soon. 


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