Report Claims ‘Wolverine 3’ Will Indeed Be An R-Rated Take On ‘Old Man Logan’

Feb 20, 2016


A new report coming from Den of Geek is claiming what we’ve all suspected for months, that Wolverine 3 will indeed be some version of the Mark Millar comic book Old Man Logan. Not only that they’ve been planning a R-rating way before Deadpool‘s success hit anyone’s radar and might have been the plan from the start, which isn’t surprising considering the source material.

According to separate reliable contacts, The Wolverine 3 has been targeting an R-rating since long before Deadpool’s stunning box office bow this past weekend. While that other X-Men spin-off movie grossing $132 million in three days is undoubtedly another great incentive to maintain the tone for The Wolverine 3, the filmmakers behind the mutant superhero film, including director James Mangold, have been planning for years to make a more violent farewell to Jackman’s beloved alter-ego due to the content of the “Old Man Logan” source material. While the MPAA of course makes the final determination of a film’s rating, the plan has always been to aim for an R.

Keep in mind this hasn’t been made official by anyone at 20th Century Fox. Oddly enough, nobody has even been able to get a quote from Fox on the subject.

Jackman mentioned back in 2014, that he and co-writer/director James Mangold had tossed around the idea of adapting the hyper violent comic book run. However, at the time hadn’t officially signed-on for his the third and final Wolverine film.

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Later on in the development of the film, screenwriter Michael Green was hired to do rewrites on the script. Green’s last two studio writing assignments were for Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant and Blade Runner 2 both are R-rated projects. It’s yet another indication that the project could be way more mature.

Even more recently at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Hugh all but confirmed the adaptation by uttering these there words.

This rating rumor has everyone in a tizzy. Asking, “why would Fox suddenly decide to make an R-rated Wolverine movie?”


Actually, that’s how the original film started out as during it’s development process. The original draft of X-Men Origins: Wolverine penned by Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff was a hard-R script, but was ultimately tamed-down by the studio.

Even the the tie-in video game Fox commissioned for the film was so brutal and bloody it ended-up getting a Mature rating from the video games rating board. Jackman lending his voice for the game and was apparently was fine with the more violent take on the character.

Here you can see the opening cinematic of a futuristic Wolverine from the game, which was actually directed by Deadpool‘s Tim Miller. Clearly, Fox isn’t worried about going darker with the character.

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Jackman, was said to be behind keeping the R-ratings off both Origins and even The Wolverine. Admitting that he talked with both director Darren Aronofsky and then his replacement James Mangold about going with R-rated takes on the character. They ended-up shooting The Wolverine without any rating in mind, but the first cut of the film was very much R, which got trimmed down for a PG-13 release.

Home viewers were lucky and got an unleashed version, which included many graphic scenes that had been shot on set and not just added in post.

He would later state that if the story or if they had a good reason to do it, they might consider it. Adapting Old Man Logan would given them enough reason to make it R. Considering, the many drastic changes they would have to do by removing all the Marvel Studios owned characters, making it a PG-13 movie would remove all the bite the material had and it essentially wouldn’t even be Old Man Logan anymore.

We’ve assumed for months that it will end-up getting the title change of Wolverine: Old Man Logan  and it’s looking like that’s going to be case.


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