Review: Blood Stone – James Bond 007

Sep 4, 2011

Developed by Bizarre Creations and published By Activision in November 2010, Blood Stone is a non-movie-based James Bond experience. So what it lacks in good story telling it makes up in good gameplay. While it’s not pushing the FPS genre forward, nor your console, it’s still a fun experience. In true Bond Fashion the story takes you around the globe in what are well designed settings. Approach it with the right attitude, described below, and Blood Stone will keep you happy for hours.

What I particularly enjoyed is the Gears of War style cover system with more of a Mario style difficulty. The game is only difficult on the highest settings. Even then you’re not challenged unless you get excited and rush through the missions. Consequently, I had a great time playing on medium difficulty and blowing through the levels like a super hero. For many who want another Gears or Uncharted, don’t think for a minute Blood Stone will quench your thirst. That’s not it’s strength. Another non-strength is the multiplayer. Granted I played when most have moved on to other titles, but this game is a story driven, single player game. In other words, this isn’t the next Call of Duty.

Blood Stone should be approached as a solid cover based experience used to fill your time between titles such as right now before Batman, Uncharted and Gears 3. We look forward to your thoughts!