REVIEW of Fury Unleashed

Jan 1, 2019

Fury Unleashed (The Badass Hero)
Developed By: Awesome Games Studio
Published By: Awesome Games Studio
Available Now through Steam Early Access. 
Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2019

Fury Unleashed is a 2D rogue shooter with platforming. At the start you find yourself dying off pretty quickly but with each kill, you get gains you experience points.  As you level up, you begin to upgrade your character with more health, shields, and better drops that will help you to progress further in the game.  Levels are broken up in small chunks with the map laying out the level like a page out of a comic book.  Your goal is to find your way to the next page as you shoot or chop your way through the enemies. 

Boss fights happen but not at the end of the levels, instead, you’ll find them as you explore and make your way through the game.  Chests are discovered that will give you better weapons, faster reloads, stronger shields, and sometimes there are requirements to open them.  You have a combo meter that builds as you kill enemies and this is where some of those chest requirements come into play, such as having a 10 combo kill bar active right when you discover the chest. 
The bar will slowly degrade so if you have to move forward in the map a bit, you can sometimes have enough time to go back to that chest if you wish so.  The visuals are quite fun as it’s a very cartoony comic book style.  All of the animations and coloring pop really nicely and the only time it becomes a mess (not in a bad way) is when there’s a lot going on the screen but you never feel lost.  Controlling the game is quite simple but I found myself far more comfortable and doing better with a controller over the mouse and keyboard setup, but this will come down to personal preference.  Jumping and dashing feels very tight and I never felt like any of the deaths were unfair. 
I was also able to tell I was getting better with each try.

Fury Unleashed is quite fun and as for someone that doesn’t touch roguelike games that often, I definitely found a lot of enjoyment here that fans of the genre will surely enjoy and newcomers alike.