Review: Infamous

Jul 9, 2011


Living a life of solitude is a choice for some but this man lives in shadows by necessity, dodging renegade gangs, a troubling past and an inner crisis between what is supernatural and his humanity. Cole grips to what sanity he has left to forge a new path for himself and Empire City, where Infamous takes place. Surviving a huge explosion alone and escaping the perils immediately around him leave Cole in the care of Zeke, a friend of what seems like many years. Learning that he was the cause of his girlfriend’s sisters’ death hasn’t been easy but he is set on bringing about the truth from that fateful accident in his recent past.

Infamous is about Cole’s struggle through Empire City to uncover the source of corruption plaguing him and the surrounding areas. Within you find crazed gang members known as Reapers. These men wait in ambush and are bold enough to set up camp in the middle of the street and often shoot anyone moving in their path, you, civilian or law enforcement. Simply put, they must be purged.

You can progress through the story by moving from location to location and eventually acquire new powers by bringing power grids back online by exploring Empire City’s underbelly. There are several side quests available and once completed reveal a “safe” area where enemies no longer respawn. The gameplay is fast paced in parts and requires you to think outside the box now and then to get to or out of particular situations.

You receive experience for completing quests and killing enemies as well as bonus xp from the various “stunts” performed. A stunt is a combat maneuver you can execute that has specific traits that allow you to reach new heights in your combat prowess. These abilities you are given and earn through the game can be upgraded at anytime as long as you meet the prerequisites.

There are also collectible items to keep you looking around and searching. Lastly there is a meter that displays how good or evil you are.

The combat is fun and there are many ways to accomplish your tasks. Surprisingly the movement and exploration is easy with a little practice. Move over Spider Man, Cole is loaded and moving up the ranks for rooftop heroics. If this sounds like you, trade in your dubs for black and yellow and hit the streets with a thunderous rage.

Do you choose the path of Hero or shackle humanity in fear.. becoming Infamous!

Purchase @ $30