Review: Resistance 3

Feb 19, 2012


I like it. Resistance 3 is solid but not “great” - it doesn’t reinvent the FPS genre. Keep in mind, I would play a “solid” game all day long. But it does take a very necessary step closer toward being more than just a game. The story of man versus the Chimera is not anything to drool over. In the past, the protagonist, Nathan Hale, was a one-dimensional character. But in Resistance 3, a new character takes the lead: Joseph Capelli. He’s a father and husband who at every turn is fighting for his family. His motivation is 10% defeat the Chirmera, and 90% give his family a better life. He’s a man. A man we can all relate to.

Capelli has one task: escort Dr. Malikov to New York. As expected, much happens along the way. What Insomniac does so well, is express the hardship of war. There is a moment we discussed in Episode 19 where the story takes a very unexpected left turn. One of the focal characters is killed and Capelli enters What into a subset of the world never before seen in the franchise. The best part is, it makes complete sense. The human will to survive displays itself in a variety of ways. What you see in this portion is completely relevant to the series and encourages you to ask yourself what you would do if it were you and your family. Powerful storytelling that again is new for the franchise.

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Graphically the game is gorgeous. The environments are so well constructed that I never felt Insomniac was trying to show off the engine. Instead, they focused on the story and that’s what we want at this point in a console’s life-cycle. What you’ll get from Resistance 3 is a game that runs smoothly and uses colors well. You’re a few years into the war so most of the environments are dark as the sun has been blotted out throughout the entire planet. So when the blues of the Cryogun or the green of the health packs appear, they shine.

Speaking of weapons, most fans will love having the full arsenal available. Each offers unique functions (primary and secondary fire) and upgrades (up to level 3). Most of the upgrades are satisfactory, while few stand out and add tremendous opportunity for creative battles. As you are dropped into various scenarios, especially early on, the best weapon choice is clear. Where the game really makes you feel welcome is when you have several guns with a few upgrades and you have OPTIONS for battles. After roughly the first quarter of the game, that freedom is given to you. And let’s face it: weapons in an FPS is not the icing on the cake; it’s the freaking batter.

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Since it was included, I have to comment on the multiplayer. I’ll cut to the chase: it’s passable. Co-op, on the other hand, is great. I highly recommend you grab a friend and take it for a run.


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