Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Jan 10, 2015


Let’s get this out of the way early, I will be comparing this phone to the iPhone because I have been an iPhone user for a long time but switched to Samsung because I felt iPhones were not getting better. I do not like iPhones anymore but I respect them.


User Interface

The first thing you notice when you get the Note 4 is that its GUI is very customizable, that is this phones strong point, unlike the iPhone you are able to add widgets and such. My favorite part about the Note 4 is that no one phone has to act and look the same; you can add dynamic backgrounds, a clock, a Google search bar and many other things. In the settings there is even more ability to customize such as having certain apps activate when a link is clicked, this is very useful if you want to open links with the same thing all the time, or if you want to be able to choose what app you open it in.  I might mention that on this phone you can delete pre-installed apps unlike the iPhone which is extremely cool because most phones do not have that option. However due to the massive amount of custom-ness on this phone its GUI is a bit tough at first, but over time it becomes very fluid and easy to use. All in all the GUI is pretty amazing and the second you get this phone I recommend you customize it and try out different things in the settings like widgets to see what works for you because usually the home screen is cluttered at first, but it is nice when you get it cleaned up.


The S-Pen

OK so maybe the stylus isn’t that in-depth but I feel it’s worth mentioning that is has a button that activates what is called air command that brings up a sort of pie chart styled menu that you can use to select parts of the screen and save as a screen shot or just draw on everything with the screen write tool that you can use to mark things on a screenshot.


Hardware and Performance

The great part about the Note 4 is its massive resolution, it has a screen resolution of 2560×1440 and can record video up to 3840×2160 however you  generally should keep it to 1920×1080 because higher res than that doesn’t allow use of all the amazing camera modes. It can take photos of up to 5312×2988 forward and you can take photos of yourself with the screen side cam at 2560×1440, all in all an amazing camera and screen, I continue to love how good the camera works and I’m sure you will too. The screen is very big and can even top the iPhone 6 Plus by 0.2 inches. It has a 5.7 inch screen perfect for viewing huge photos and the stylus combined with that is great for drawing. The Note 4 also comes with a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tester, and UV ray tester in it that’s used in the s health app. Altogether the hardware is very nicely put together and is great for work, video, photography, and many other things.



To sum everything up about the Note 4, I have to say that I have no real negative critiques or anything that I don’t like; it’s just a good phone. It’s everything I want to use throughout the day and then some. And you can add even more power by rooting it (If you don’t know what a root is look at this) and downloading apps and tons of customization. So if you need to be able to write documents, send email, draw, and many other things, I recommend you get this phone. Oh did I mention that it can make calls and text?