Review: X-Men Days of Future Past

May 24, 2014

I have been waiting to see X-Men Days of Future Past for a while now.  Ever since watching the scene at the end of the credits in “The Wolverine “, where we see Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine in the airport discussing the future.  Talk about hype!  We are finally going to see some Sentinels!  Well I saw the movie last night and I have to say is it lived up to all of my expectations.  It starts off in the future where the Mutants are being hunted by the Sentinels.

To save themselves they need to go to the past and rectify an event that could change everything. The movie jumps between the future and the past but not as much as you think. A majority of the film takes place in 1973, with the movie taking place in the seventies we can expect a few jokes about the era.  This is also where we meet Quiksilver played by Even Peters, One of my favorite parts in the film involves him and his role in changing the past.

This movie has everything a movie should have. Humor, action, a great storyline, and an all-star cast. All of our beloved Mutants are here, from Storm played by Halle Berry to Rogue played by Ana Paquin, even a few surprises I won’t spoil here. However it’s not without some flaws. For a comic book action movie there was a ton of exposition and dialogue moments, leading to some lulls in the film. I caught a few people drifting off to La La Land, but that could be contributed to the late showing. The other thing I’m sure you are going to hear is that it’s not done like the comic, this did not bother me at all.

The Fan boys need to get over this obsession with these movies needing to be direct comic book adaptation, why can’t we be happy with movies being movies and comics being comic? How about you just enjoy the movie and the characters you grew up with.  If you are new  to comics or an X-Men extraordinaire I believe you will enjoy this movie like I did. Please make sure you sit through the credits. There is a scene and which is a set up for the next film you will not want to miss. So what are you waiting for go see it and let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment down below. Later Bub!