Reviving DeFiChain: Challenges and Doubts Amid Technical Setbacks

Jun 17, 2024

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Revival Attempt of DeFiChain by Julian Hosp Faces Setbacks


The article discusses the challenges faced by Julian Hosp in reviving the DeFiChain (DFI), as the network experienced multiple outages and a continuous decline in price.


Crypto celebrity Julian Hosp’s efforts to revive DeFiChain have been marred by technical issues and a downward price trend, raising concerns about the project’s viability.

Main Points

The article highlights the ongoing decline of DeFiChain, with data services indicating daily all-time lows for the Cake project. Despite Julian Hosp’s comeback attempt, the network faced significant downtime, casting doubt on its reliability. The lack of explanations for the outages adds to the growing skepticism surrounding DeFiChain.

Network outages, including a recent 3-hour and 37-minute outage, have hindered transactions and questioned the project’s fundamental concept. The unstable situation of the stablecoin DUSD, losing its peg to the US dollar, further exacerbates DeFiChain’s challenges. Former co-founder U-Zyn Chua’s criticisms and the overall negative sentiment towards DeFiChain suggest a grim outlook for the project.


Julian Hosp’s history with failed projects like TenX raises doubts about DeFiChain’s prospects. The continuous decline of DFI, coupled with network outages and unstable stablecoins, paints a bleak picture for the project. Investors should exercise caution when considering involvement with DeFiChain, as it faces increasing scrutiny and skepticism in the crypto community.