Revolutionizing Crypto Rewards: Lingo’s Public Presale Unveiled

Jun 24, 2024

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Lingo Public Presale Announcement


Lingo, a cutting-edge project introducing a rewarding token, is excited to unveil its Public Presale. The gamified, RWA-powered rewards ecosystem aims to cater to the upcoming wave of consumer crypto enthusiasts, offering users the chance to stake or quest $LINGO for potential real-life rewards.


Lingo is proud to reveal its Public Presale, showcasing a unique approach to incentivizing users through tangible rewards. By partnering with renowned Web3 projects like Magic Eden, Travala, and Fizen, Lingo enables users to redeem rewards from over 3,000 popular brands, fostering mass adoption in the crypto realm.

Main Points

Lingo’s collaboration network with top Web3 projects has paved the way for rewarding users with redeemable perks from various well-known brands, emphasizing the project’s commitment to enhancing user engagement. With a focus on Real-World Assets (RWA), Lingo leverages over $3 billion in managed assets to pioneer the RWA movement in the crypto industry.

By reinvesting platform fees into RWAs, Lingo generates consistent value and growth in the rewards pool, offering community members exclusive benefits through initiatives like Lingo Islands. The project’s team, comprising industry veterans and backed by prominent investors, is dedicated to shaping the future of consumer crypto.


Through its groundbreaking model and strong industry support, Lingo is on a trajectory to redefine mainstream crypto adoption and introduce real-world rewards to users worldwide. Stay connected with Lingo’s official channels for updates on the public presale and the evolution of consumer crypto in the coming months.