Revolutionizing Decentralized Finance Trading: Multipool and BSO Partnership

May 21, 2024

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Multipool and BSO Partnership Announcement


Multipool and BSO announce a corporate partnership to provide ultra-fast low latency trading for users, revolutionizing decentralized finance trading with cutting-edge technology and direct access to financial market data centers.


Multipool, a blockchain and cryptocurrency industry innovator, partners with global connectivity provider BSO to offer users a suite of fully decentralized trading tools with optimal DEX price execution.

Main Points

Multipool leverages BSO’s technology and market access to provide features such as Equinix NY4 for secure connectivity in North America, Equinix TY3 for Japan’s stock exchanges, CME for proximity to CME Globex, and Equinix LD4 for the UK’s stock exchanges. The partnership aims to enhance trading experiences for traders and investors seeking efficiency and security.

Multipool’s decentralized exchange platform offers centralized exchange features on a compliant and stable decentralized platform, with key capabilities including a fully decentralized on-chain order book, decentralized limit ordering, hybrid order execution, zero price impact auctions, P2P Repo Lending, and trustless RFQs.


With a focus on unlocking DeFi’s potential, Multipool emphasizes fairness and equality in trading real-world assets and cryptocurrencies. By offering innovative solutions like industry-first FIX APIs, low latency networks, and MEV bot protection, Multipool sets a new standard in DeFi trading, providing efficiency and security for users.