Revolutionizing Web3 Privacy: Aleph Zero’s EVM-Compatible Breakthrough

Jun 20, 2024

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Aleph Zero Unveils Groundbreaking EVM-Compatible ZK-Privacy Solutions


Aleph Zero introduces cutting-edge EVM-compatible ZK-Privacy Layer and zkOS, revolutionizing on-chain privacy for Web3 applications.


Aleph Zero makes a significant leap with the first EVM-compatible ZK-Privacy Layer, enabling lightning-fast zero-knowledge proofs and seamless integration of on-chain privacy in Web3 apps.

Main Points

The testnet release of Aleph Zero’s ZK-privacy EVM Layer 2 solution on Gelato RaaS sets new standards with subsecond ZK proving times and instantaneous on-chain privacy. The zkOS initiative introduces Privacy-as-a-Service through client-side zero-knowledge privacy systems, expanding accessibility across EVM networks.

Users can now conduct private transactions and engage with decentralized apps securely, catering to high-throughput applications like DeFi, AI, and enterprise solutions. The collaboration with partners like Gelato and Arbitrum Orbit enhances speed, security, and scalability within the ecosystem.


Aleph Zero’s commitment to advancing privacy solutions in blockchain technology signals a shift towards efficient, secure, and user-friendly applications. The upcoming Developer Mainnet release and roadmap for zkOS demonstrate a dedication to innovation across various industries and use cases.