Ridley Scott Doubles-Down, Says ‘Prometheus 3’ or ‘Prometheus 4’ Will Connect To ‘Alien’

Sep 23, 2015


While speaking to German site Film Futter via The Playlist, Ridley Scott explained that Prometheus 2 won’t be the film that finally connects his engineer movies to the original events of the first film. Doubling-down on the intent to make at least two more sequels, and the next or fourth film would indeed connect to Alien.

“‘Prometheus’, has its own story to tell before it eventually ties into the movie that started it all. “…it won’t be in the next one. It will be in the one after this one or maybe even a fourth film before we get back into the ‘Alien’ franchise.”

“The whole point of it is to explain the ‘Alien’ franchise and to explain the how and why of the creation of the Alien itself. I always thought of the Alien as a kind of piece of bacterial warfare. I always thought that that original ship, which I call the Croissant, was a battleship, holding these biomechanoid creatures that were all about destruction,”

This seemingly blows-up all the speculation that the studio and Scott didn’t want to make a second film in the first place, as Ridley is already talking about a third and fourth film movie, even before production on the second one. They obviously have a stronger script this time around, as he does seem slightly very confident Prometheus 2 will do better, maybe after the critical success of The Martian he’s has some motivation to work a bit harder to get the movie right.

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Back when the project was still Alien: Origins, and Ridley Scott was only producing, it was conceived as the second film directly connected to events on LV426, but it looks like this again the aspect will be retooled to further expand this spin-off series.

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I can understand why Ridley would want to focus more on the Engineers, when Neill Blomkamp is revisiting the xenomorphs and Ripley with Alien 5. Depending on the direction of the second film, visiting these Engineers on their home turf could lead to a greater epic than most are expecting. Scott, has mentioned recently the second would generally focus on why they wanted us dead, and why didn’t they complete that intention after 2,000 years.

As someone who has grown to love the film after multiple viewings and analysis, I’m dying for more stories from the Alien universe, with or without xenomorphs.


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