Rinko Kikuchi and Karl Urban Are In ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’; Character Names Revealed?

Jan 9, 2017

Social media is a great place to discover details for upcoming and currently in production films. Cast and crew sometimes post photos from the set giving us some insight into the productions.

There’s now a big reveal from Pacific Rim: Uprising cinematographer Dan Mindel via a new image Dan posted on his Instagram account (spotted by BDM).

The image includes a cast list that mentions that Rinko Kikuchi is returning for the film along with Karl Urban being a new cast member playing a character named Quan. It also mentions that John Boyega‘s character is named JakeScott Eastwood is playing a character named Lambert, and Callie Spaeny is Amara.

There’s also a mystery character Liwen or Uwen Shao which could be played by Jing Tian or Max Zhang.


UPDATE: Karl Urban is seemingly denying his involvement but it wouldn’t be the first time an actor tried to keep a role hush-hush.

Production is currently underway in Australia and it was said that some scenes would be shot in China.

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