“Road Games” is Full of Twist And Turns (Movie Review)

Mar 3, 2016


Road Games

Directed by: Abner Pastoll
Starring: Andrew Simpson, Josephine de La Baume, Barbara Crampton


The first rule of traveling on an interstate is don’t pick-up hitchhikers. Whether it would be a transient or a business man, nothing good ever seems to come out of it. A few movies come to mind “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “House of 1000 Corpses.” Things didn’t exactly turn out peachy keen for those folks. Where those two films mirror each other, this one goes completely AWOL. With more twists and turns then a drive up Pike’s Peak.

Road Games takes us to the lavish and beautiful countryside of France. It is here where we meet Jack (Andrew Simpson) an Englishman trying to get back home. Along his journey hitchhiking back to England he runs into the lovely and sexy Veronique (Josephine de La Baume), who also happens to be finding her way home in the similar fashion. The two hit it off right away; you could say love at first sight.

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love road games

Next thing I know I am watching a classic French romance movie. Don’t worry it doesn’t linger to long on this. Just a little love on a picturesque lake, and some dialogue that gets you more attached and involved in their characters. This is where the film starts to take off again as the pair of love birds are picked up by a not so sane man. Let the games begin.

road games gun

The film actually had me guessing the entire time. I would even say it had a feel of an Alfred Hitchcock classic. Director Abner Pastoll knew how to set the mood and then pull the rug right out from under me. For a low budget film you will not see it coming. The scenery is just magnificent and the acting is top notch. You can feel the chemistry of Andrew and Josephine. My favorite part of the film was seeing the ever so talented Barbara Crampton. She just seems to get more talented and sexier as she gets older.

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If you like thrillers and guess who did it movies then this is for you. Road Games opens in New York on March 4th also on demand and all digital platforms. The Los Angeles opening will be on March 11th. It is a film not to be missed. One thing… please don’t pick-up any hitchhikers on the way.


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