Rob Liefeld Wants ‘X-Men’ Villain Cassandra Nova Adapted; Shi’ar Empire Far Behind?

Feb 6, 2016


Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld recently was a guest on Collider Heroes, and was asked which X-Men character he’d like to see adapted for the films. Rob names Grant Morrison’s Cassandra Nova, alluding to seeing the villainess used for the main movies and not spin-offs, considering her direct connections to James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier.

Originally, in the comics she is the powerful twin sister of Professor Charles Xavier, but likely won’t be a sibling due to Raven’s semi-sister relationship to Xavier in X-Men: First Class. She’s an older woman, which could be a great juxtapose, since the franchise is known for mostly casting extremely young women. There’s another way they could introduce her without making her related to Xavier and reusing the Hellfire Club.


Nova has links to the Shi’ar Empire, the alien collective ends-up giving her the name of Mummudrai. Adding her would be a great way to open the cosmic side of the X-Men mythology and introducing more characters closely connected to Xavier, including his future alien bride Lilandra Neramani, a princess of the Shi’ar Empire and eventually member of the space pirate team The Starjammers.

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We know that Helen Mirren has been open to play a major villain in the Fast and Furious movies, likely the mother to Shaw brothers (Luke Evans and Jason Statham). Having the Oscar winning actress take on a Marvel role would be a dream, and Cassandra Nova could be attractive enough to land her. Helen has proved with the Red movies that she’s highly capable of handling action roles.

At the moment, we have little idea what to expect with the next main X-Men film, rumors suggest it could end-up coming in Summer 2018. Filmmakers have teased the Dark Phoenix saga and possibly exploring the cosmic side of comics, the Shi’ar Empire playing a large role in the that storyline. Remember, Fox has the rights to a bulk of the Marvel cosmic characters and it’s about time we saw the X-Men going that route.

Basically, name dropping Cassandra Nova could be revealing a bit more than Rob might want to admit.

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