Rock Candy Mountain #1 Review

Rock Candy Mountain #1 Review

Rock Candy Mountain #1
Image Comics

Written by: Kyle Starks
Art by: Kyle Starks

Once again Kyle Starks has brought us an original series from the depths of his action movie addled brain. He’s well known for his graphic novel Sexcastle, his work with characters like Invader Zim, Rick and Morty, etc. This story is a lot like most of his creator owned work violent, fun, and just a little weird. For a brief spoiler free description continue reading! In issue one we meet our main vagabond, angry devil, an incredibly unlucky man, and the head of a hobo mafia.

I’ve been a fan of Starks since I picked up Sexcastle for the first time and stayed a fan ever since. Having been lucky enough to speak with him a couple times I have to say there’s no way I can really predict where this series is going. I’m hoping for more crazy violence, for Jackson to get a unique weapon which could actually be his walking stick, and for his new friend Pomona to hit a stroke of luck somewhere soon.

If you’ve ever read a Kyle Starks series before this is pretty much in line with his style which isn’t a bad thing, the man plays to his strengths. I will say that the art in this actually seems a little more detailed while still maintaining Stark’s unique signature, it could even have something to do with the book being in color. After reading the first issue, I feel this series is really going to be something special. With an original take on a familiar tale Rock Candy Mountain #1 gives us, action, comedy, goofy dialogue, and hobos making it a comic you won’t regret picking up.

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