Rock Candy Mountain #7 REVIEW

Jan 3, 2018


Rock Candy Mountain #7
Image Comics

Story / Art / Cover by: Kyle Starks

This is the penultimate issue of Rock Candy Mountain and I could not be more happy and sad at the same time. Kyle Starks has written a story of hobos and criminals that you want to follow. I knew back in issue one that this would only be an 8 issue run, but one can always hope there will be more. It is almost time to fight the Devil, though, and that is an encounter I have been chomping at the bit for. So what can I say about chapter 7 “The Jungle Fires Were Burning”?

In this first part of the finale old friends and enemies return. The World’s Toughest Hobo is on the last few miles of his journey and he is going to need all the help he can get. If you want to make it to hobo heaven, sometimes you have to walk through hell on earth. I do not use that phrase lightly, either. Starks does not write children’s comic books. While Kyle makes us love hobos in a way nobody else can, not all of the characters in the book share that view. Not everybody is going to survive these last two issues and sometimes that is a good thing. I guess it all depends on your point of view.

The thing that I am going to miss about this comic series the most is its art style. On the surface, it is not something I would have picked up. While colorful, it is very dark and the colors are muted. That being said, I cannot imagine another style fitting this story so well. It is something that makes this book feel both antique and timeless at the same time. To paraphrase The Stranger from The Big Lebowski, “sometimes there’s an artist, I’m not saying a hobo, cause what’s a hobo? But he’s an artist for his time and place… and that’s Kyle Starks.”
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