Ronda Rousey Wants A Crack At Playing ‘Captain Marvel’

Aug 11, 2015


Ronda Rousey is easily the top athlete of her sport, and quickly becoming a phenomena around the world. She also just happens to dip her toes into the world of film, with roles in action flicks like Expendables 3 and Furious 7.

When asked on Reddit’s AMA, if she’d want to play a superhero her response wasn’t that surprising. The Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z fan replied with “Miss Marvel”, referring to Carol Danvers the lead of the upcoming Captain Marvel solo film.

While this might puzzle some naysayers, Marvel did hire a wrestler to play Drax in Guardians of The Galaxy, the studios does seem to be open-minded towards casting lead and supporting roles. Fellow UFC Champion Gina Carano, was also in the mix for Guardians almost landing the Gamora role, before eventually joining Fox’s Deadpool.


I think some might find it a weird and maybe even interesting choice to hire an athlete that moonlights as an actor, mainly because you’d need someone who could convincingly do these action sequences and look really tough doing them. I want a badass Danvers, and Ronda would give us that no question. Ronda, I feel could bring that military edge that I don’t think a lot of these candidates have. The acting would of course need to be worked on, and they’d need to hire a director willing to work very closely with her to get the level of performance Marvel would be expecting.

Have you seen this:

If Marvel went for an unknown actor, is Ronda really that terrible of an idea?

All we have to do is look at how Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder hired model turned actress Gal Gadot for the Wonder Woman role, while having very little acting credit to her name. I don’t think they would be as big of a backlash from fans, but I’m sure critics and film snobs would be turning up their noses to the idea.

Let’s remember early Arnold Schwarzenegger films weren’t all great, because he wasn’t given the right material that spoke to his attributes.

Another point, Ronda is major role-model for girls young and old, laying down some wisdom from time-to-time along the way. It wouldn’t be hard to hire someone who already is a superhero of sorts to people.

Do you think Ronda would make a good Captain Marvel?


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