RUMOR: Brother Voodoo To Cameo In ‘Doctor Strange’; We Might Know Who is Playing Him

Aug 26, 2016


Doctor Strange news doesn’t seem to be over as we learned that Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) contributed to the script, additional footage has been shot and now a rumor suggesting more characters are in the film.

That Hashtag Show, who gave us some confirmed information about Iron Fist is now stating that Strange’s friend and peer Brother Voodoo will have a brief cameo in the film. Keep in mind, this only a rumor at this point.


ST169coverJericho Drumm was born in Haiti, where he was surrounded by a native culture that embraced voodoo and magic. Jericho left behind his younger brother Daniel and went to New York City, where he studied psychology. After 12 years away from his homeland, Jericho returned to Haiti to find that his brother had become a the Houngan Supreme and was in conflict with an rival sorcerer who claimed to be empowered by a spirit god called Damballah. Daniel was badly injured from his last battle with his rival sorcerer and was about to die. Daniel died, but not before he made Jericho take an oath, Daniel made Jericho promise that he would take the ways of their ancestors and avenge him. Jericho agreed and went to be train by the soccer Papa Jambo. Some time after Jericho found out that Papa Jambo was the last living lord of Loa, Papa Jambo intended that Jericho would be his successor.

Papa Jambo summoned the spirit of Daniel and bound it to Jericho’s soul. Now empowered by his brother’s presence, Jericho donned the garments that would mark him as Brother Voodoo and the Houngan Supreme. Jericho then set out to avenge his brother’s death. Brother Voodoo found Damballah and they battled, Damballah was exposed as a false god called Zobop. Brother Voodoo beat Zobop using the power’s of Loa ( the power of Loa enables Brother Voodoo to control fire and plant live, mesmerize people and raise the dead).

We have an idea who could be playing Brother Voodoo in the film.

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Screen shot 2016-08-26 at 7.16.21 AM

UK stage and screen actor Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (The Double, The Last Panthers, The Commuter, The Cafe) is listed as “brawny therapist”, Jericho just happens to be psychologist and it’s possible Kobna could be in this role due to his relationship with Benedict. Kobna also just happened to have worked with Benedict Cumberbatch on the stage in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and more recently in Hamlet. Drumm and Strange are friends so having a previous working relationship might be a clue to Kobna playing Voodoo.

He’s slightly too well known to be playing a random background character.

We’ll know more when the film is released on November 4th, 2017.



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