RUMOR: James Gunn’s ‘Guardians 3’ Script Might Be On The Chopping Block

Aug 8, 2018



UPDATE: Our friends over at THR report from sources that Disney still plans on using Gunn’s script, but has yet to be made official as they say negotiations for his exit are still ongoing. However, they weren’t able to confirm with Disney or Gunn’s camps. 

Also affecting the negotiations is that sources say Disney plans on using Gunn’s script for the third movie.

I wasn’t planning on writing this up because it was going to stay as a rumor meant for Twitter as I couldn’t get confirmation, but plenty of sites have picked this up. Due to the interest it’s only fair I give some context and my point of view on this James Gunn rumor.

Now, I don’t think Disney was smart to rush to fire James Gunn from Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3. However, in their statement when firing Gunn they said they were not just removing him as a director but severing their entire working relationship with him.

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So, we assumed they would start from scratch with a new script. It makes sense because if they kept his script they would still be working with him and he’d still have his name on the film with a massive credit as the film’s writer.

This is now being supported with some updated information as the film’s production start is now said to be TO BE ANNOUNCED (originally planned to start in January-February) and Gunn’s name has been completely scrubbed. Not only as director but also as the film’s screenwriter.

I hope this turns out to be wrong because I love the contributions Gunn has given to the MCU, but this makes sense from the perspective of Disney sticking to their original statement and having a blank slate might be more attractive to a new director.

Allowing a new writer-director to start over isn’t the worst idea as some directors might be a little apprehensive director’s script due to how he was removed from the project. From a studio perspective this could nix a lot issues that could be brought up while courting for a new directing candidates. I know this whole situation is making fans and cast members upset and emotions are high, but it’s still a business and Marvel Studios is a well-oiled-machine. They’ll try to find a way to move things forward.

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Again, I’ve made this clear it’s only a rumor for the moment and is far from confirmed.

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