RUMOR: John Ridley’s Marvel Television Project A ‘Ms. Marvel’ Series For ABC

Apr 21, 2015


Apparently, a post on Reddit which has since been deleted reveals the project that Oscar winning writer John Ridley (12 Years A Slave) is currently working on for Marvel Television, which will air on ABC. Comic Book Movie was able to get ahold of this post before it was taken down. Be wary, as rumors go we’ve learned they’re never always on the money, so take with a grain a salt.

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A piece of information at the beginning includes that Ridley’s current ABC series American Crime is getting cancelled which has led to the offer to do something with Marvel. They offered him Cloak and Dagger, a street-level duo of crime fighters who take on drug pushers. Instead, Ridley was asking about developing something focusing on the recent Ms. Marvel comics. Also, that this isn’t the SHIELD spinoff which we learned today is something completely different than this project. The series is meant to be a buffer show between the transition between Agents of SHIELD and the new spinoff, with it’s air date possibly set for winter. The series along with other new ABC shows and renewals will be announced soon.

Most of this does add-up and doesn’t sound like the usual fandom crazed speculation we’ve seen in the past, it sounds like a possibility. Here’s the rumored synopsis for the series.

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The series will focus more on her fascination with superheroes in general, while balancing issues of religion, racism and Islamaphobia along with her crime fighting.

Arguably, the new Ms. Marvel comic that introduces us to Kamala Khan is easily one of the best comic runs currently coming from Marvel. Kamala is a young Pakistani-American muslim who is like most teens and is obsessed with superheroes, she develops her own powers and eventually takes on the codename Ms. Marvel which is the original hero name used by her idol Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. There’s a bit of interest if Danvers would be excluded from the series or could be where we get our first reveal of the character.

PBS Digital did an awesome piece on why Kamala is one of the most important modern comic book characters. It gives a bit of a rundown of her origin as well, which is pretty damn cool along with why it’s important that we need more characters like Kamala in our entertainment.

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I think a lot of fans are a bit upset we’ll have to wait three years until we get our first female-led Marvel film, so giving us female focused shows like Jessica Jones, Mockingbird and possibly Ms Marvel would quell a huge group of fandom not seeing female heroes.

I’ve talked previously about how Marvel has a huge gap in the television lineup that doesn’t really include a series that focuses on a teen, sort of one of their major demographics. Yes, they have Spider-Man but that won’t be on television and the movie is still like two years away. Khan would be such an awesome teen character to focus on because she is so different from what we’ve seen with superhero material over the last couple of years, she’s young, she’s of course a girl, and is muslim. I don’t think how important this character could be to changing the minds of bigots to have such a positive character like this in the MCU. 

I’m beyond excited for this to be true, but it’s a rumor and until we get better sources we can’t really get our hopes up too much.


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