RUMOR: Jordan Peele In Talks To Produce Remake of 90’s Cult Horror Film ‘Candyman’

Sep 10, 2018

A new report from BloodyDisgusting suggests that Get Out’s Jordan Peele is in talks to produce a remake of the 1992 Clive Barker movie Candyman, which starred character actor Tony Todd in the titular role.

In Chicago, Helen Lyle and her friend Bernadette Walsh are researching for their thesis about urban legend in the University of Illinois, where Helen’s husband Trevor Lyle gives classes. Helen becomes obsessed by the legend of the Candyman, a son of slaves whose father became rich in 1890 after inventing a device for mass producing of shoes. The educated Candyman was an artist, but when the daughter of a powerful man got pregnant by him, her father hired some men to kill him. The Candyman “lives” in the legend that says that he would appear if his name is spoken five times in front of the mirror, and the skeptical Helen attempts to summon Candyman. Helen and Bernadette go to Cabrini Green, where two unsolved murders had happened, and the dwellers blame Candyman for the crimes as Helen tries to prove his existence.


They have no idea if Peele wants to direct.

I think this sounds believable since Peele has been picking up genre projects left and right, but still needs to be confirmed.


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