RUMOR: ‘Moon Knight’ Might Be Getting A Netflix Series

Oct 14, 2015


While guesting on the recent episode of Collider Heroes, Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto dropped the rumor that Marvel Television is developing a series for Moon Knight.

We’ve actually have been hearing for ages that since the Moon Knight rights reverted back to Marvel, they’ve been tinkering with ideas of where to place him, not unlike Daredevil and Punisher. Knight along with Punisher have topped lists of characters bloggers/fans would love to see get the small-screen treatment. There’s been an assumption for a while now that he’d get his own show eventually, due to the graphic nature of the character.


Could we possibly see Moon Knight show-up in a series like Iron Fist to setup the character for his own run of episodes?

Here’s a bit of the background on the character.

Marc Spector was the son of a rabbi whose family had fled Europe in the 1930s to escape the Holocaust. As Marc matured, he rejected his father’s morality and embraced materialism. He became a heavyweight boxer, then a U.S. Marine, and then a CIA operative.

After becoming a mercenary, a job goes bad and while about to die is granted powers in an ancient Eygptian tomb via the moon god Khonshu, and uses these powers to fight crime in New York City as a vigilante. While also creating two other identities, a millionaire named Steven Grant and a cabbie named Jake Lockley. 

Marc Spector could easily become one of the members of The Defenders, or become one the second wave series, that could lead-up to Midnight Sons. A team made up of the supernatural/horror heroes from the comics. There’s already a rumor going around that Marvel is considering a new Blade series, which would fit nicely in lead-up to Midnight Sons, that’s if they indeed focus on the supernatural aspect of Spector.

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It’s interesting that the character would end-up get a long-formed series, as Fox Television for ages was trying to put together a Moon Knight series, which never came together. Another character that Marvel knows has potential and could tell some exciting stories with him.


I know a lot of people were clamouring to see Luke Evans (Hobbit, Dracula, Fast and Furious 6) take the Doctor Strange role, but I feel like he’d be better suit a role like Marc Spector instead. We know Marvel has a strange obsession with actors from The Hobbit franchise, so they might as well finally use Evans in the right project.

Do you think Marvel should make a Moon Knight series, and who should play him?


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