RUMOR Of THE DAY: British Actor Sam Strike Playing SPIDER-MAN?

Mar 9, 2015


We’ll likely get a dozen of these rumors until Marvel Studios and Sony makes things official, but a new rumor is making-waves concerning who will be playing the new Spider-Man.

British newcomer Sam Strike has officially left EastEnders with his manager stating on Twitter he’s lined-up a large U.S. film role (could be anything). Sam also Tweeted out he’s prepping for a large mysterious role just after retweeting an old image of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is rumored to have a supporting role in the new solo Spider-Man film and would first co-star with the new Spider-Man actor in Captain America: Civil War. Then, Spider-Man would eventually take a larger role in the two Avengers: Infinity War films. So, Robert and whoever plays Spidey would have plenty of screen time together soon.

You might remember that the trades recently reported that Sam’s EastEnders co-star Ben Hardy landed a key role in X-Men Apocalypse.


Latino Review picked-up these Tweets and suggest they could point towards Strike possibly playing Spidey, but haven’t checked with official channels.

UPDATE #2: TheWrap found-out what role Strike has landed and it’s not what we were expected it’s Leatherface in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. 

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UPDATE #1: So it looks like El Mayimbe checked with sources and it looks like the studio is indeed looking young actors, around fifteen years of age. Nothing concrete but he suggests that Strike could also be up for roles in X-Men Apocalypse and Deadpool. We can’t ignore Ben Hardy’s X-Men connection.


While the announcement was vague enough, the rumor led us to take a quick look on Sam’s Instagram account. A couple of things on it gave us some clues and seemingly helped back up this claim by Latino Review.

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Only having his account active since November, around the time Sony gave-up on Andrew Garfield and started considering a reboot with Marvel Studios. A lot of the posts include acrobatics, not to mention one with Sam in a Spider-Man mask stating “I’m Spiderman”. Along with others revealing his passions for skateboarding, surfing and comics both Marvel/DC. Mainly, a Spider-Man comic that features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales on the cover.

This is miles away from being proof or confirmation but it’s enough to at least consider the possibility of Strike being in the mix.

I also wouldn’t blame Marvel Studios finding an unknown for the role since it allows less baggage and a more willing actor to sign-on for a huge multiple film contract which is more than likely being asked of candidates. Strike leaving EastEnders means he has very little commitments and he is in the right age-range for the role. Remember, they won’t be going after big names considering Spider-Man will be bouncing-around from Marvel Studios films to his own. The actor chosen will likely be committed to around six feature films, if not more.

Yep A photo posted by Sam Strike (@samstrike1894) on

I’m spiderman   A photo posted by Sam Strike (@samstrike1894) on

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