RUMOR: Pierce Brosnan Might Have Landed A Role In ‘Deadpool 2’

Feb 4, 2017


Meet The Movie Press is fuelling the speculation that former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan could be playing Cable in David Leitch’s Deadpool 2.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds recently posed for images with Brosnan which originally sparked the talk he was up for a role in the film.


Simon from the show dished that on the John Wick: Chapter 2 red carpet he got Leitch to comment on Brosnan’s potential casting suggesting they haven’t cast him “yet”, also that Ryan Reynolds would be making announcements concerning casting/characters.

Our friend Jeff from Tracking Board then chimed in that Brosnan was indeed in the Cable role. The follow-up statements suggest his actual role in the film isn’t exactly set.

“Justin can’t say anything but I’ve heard yeah it’s going to be him.”

Our previous villain theory (Pierce playing Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister) seemed to be shared by Variety’s Justin Kroll as he tries to clarify if Brosnan is playing Cable or the film’s villain as both are equal possibilities.

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Kroll: “Is he going to be Cable or is he a villain?”

Jeff: “I don’t know, that could be an interesting twist if it turned out not to be Cable and another role.”


Nothing says his role is definitively Cable at this point (confirmed by Jeff’s own words) but someone like British X-Men villain and geneticists Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister could be equally on the table. As the out-there villain is extremely suitable for both Deadpool and X-Force franchises due to his links to the origin of Cable and playing a major role in the recent Deadpool game.

Sinister had been directly teased in that X-Men: Apocalypse button scene via Essex Corp. which everyone believed had a connection to James Mangold’s Logan. Turns out according to Mangold himself this isn’t the case. Having more direct ties to Deadpool 2 instead is a good bet to make.

Essex just happens to be one of the last big villain roles left in the X-Men universe and hiring a high-profile actor like Pierce seems like a really good fit, as we’d suspect it would be a reoccurring role not unlike Magneto or The Joker.

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Brosnan might be known for his heroic roles in multiple Bond flicks but more recently taken on villains in Edgar Wright’s sci-fi action comedy The World’s End and played a terrorist assassin in Survivor.

Sinister’s mutant lackeys The Nasty Boys could worth using for the name alone.

Production on Deadpool 2 is said to be aiming for a start this May-June in Vancouver but the film has yet to land an official release date.



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