RUMOR: Simon Kinberg Might Be Directing ‘X-Men: Supernova’ This Summer In Montreal

Feb 21, 2017


It looks like we might finally know the reason behind the secrecy behind Fox’s X-Men: Supernova aka Dark Phoenix.

Collider is reporting the rumor that franchise producer Simon Kinberg is in talks to write and possibly direct the film.

First off, the “in talks” aspect here is just the site covering their asses. If the multiple production sources are to be believed the project is indeed shooting this summer in Montreal alongside the same stage space as Josh Boone’s New Mutants.

This means that if Simon Kinberg has been chosen to write and direct, the film has a completed script and he’s well into pre-production stages at this very moment. Basically, there’s zero chance of any talks currently taking place and if it’s him he has the job. Most likely whoever is directing they are currently working their ass off to get things ready for the summer shoot.

If this is true, this would explain the massive hush-hush nature of the studio concerning the project as Kinberg has helped covertly develop scripts and outlines for previous X-Men films. Most of the time this development was done on the down-low.

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Sophie Turner and James McAvoy have both recently teased their returns. McAvoy more so, he posted something yesterday on Instagram alluding to working with Simon over the summer.

The bigger question remains will New Mutants and Supernova be a connected two-part story?


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