RUMOR: Solo ‘Batman’ Film To Focus On The Red Hood and Joker?

Oct 30, 2015


JoBlo has been on the money recently with their film scoops, the last one concerning Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk would play a large role in Thor: Ragnarok. This of course would eventually be confirmed by Marvel and Ruffalo, and now they have some DCCU news.


They are reporting the rumor that the next solo Batman film, which has Ben Affleck attached to star, direct and co-write will focus on Under The Red Hood and A Death In The Family. The Jason Todd saga, which sees the second Robin murdered by the Joker, only to return years later as the brutal and murderous masked vigilante Red Hood, which was a nod the original persona of The Joker.

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Hints to Jason Todd are clearly seen in the trailers for Batman v Superman, and we’ve heard from other previous reports that Warner Bros. sees Todd is a key character they develop movies around. This might lead to Todd¬†getting involved in Suicide Squad sequels, or getting his own movies.

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An animated film focusing on Under The Red Hood took on that material, and was one of the more darker DC animated films. We’ve seen other animated films like Assault On Arkham Asylum influence their Suicide Squad movie, so them looking at the animated material to help develop the DCCU wouldn’t be hard to imagine. The animated film also included mob boss The Black Mask and Nightwing, who fans have been dying to see on screen.


They do mention that Nightwing will also factor into the film as well teaming-up with his former mentor, he was originally linked for Batman v Superman with actors like Force Awaken‘s Adam Driver¬†rumored for the role. I’m a bit doubtful that Driver will end-up with the role, due his possible commitment to the new Star Wars trilogy.

I’m a bit concerned it’s a bit of a dude show here, and that the female roles are lacking, even if Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn join the fray.

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They mention that studio is considering on casting an unknown for Jason Todd, while that could happen I’d rather they pick someone I have in mind for the role. That being actor Iwan Rheon, who plays one of the most hated characters on Game of Thrones.

Affleck is seemingly on the fence about directing the film via recent quotes about taking on the solo franchise, as the script hasn’t been locked down. I think it’s posturing and likely means there is some chances Ben has a bit more say creatively with what happens, and would have to sign-off on the script before an actual agreement is cemented.

What do you think of Jason Todd and Red Hood’s story being explored in the next Batman film?



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