RUMOR: Solo ‘Batman’ Movie Coming November 2018 and Directed By Affleck?

Jun 24, 2015


We’ve been hearing rumblings for a while now concerning a new solo Batman film, Warner Bros. even confirmed they’d get around to making solo films for Superman and Bats, once they established new characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It had been assumed that the studio would be releasing these titles until 2020 at the earliest, but we’ve been hearing for a while now that the studio wants to move quicker on the Batman side of things. Considering the last two Christopher Nolan directed Batman films earned over a billion each in box office revenue, it’s hard to believe WB would wait eight years between solo Batman movies.

A new rumor coming from Latino Review seemingly backs this up, with their own report suggesting that Warner Bros. is considering releasing The Batman sometime in November 2018, the same month as Marvel’s cosmic powered superheroine flick Captain Marvel. An actual date hasn’t been revealed but since the two characters/films couldn’t be anymore different it’s hard to see them as comparable, beyond being comic book movies, even if the internet wants to turn this into a boxing match. They also add that the creative team would consist of Ben Affleck and Oscar winning screenwriter Chris Terrio, with Affleck directing. Terrio has a credit on Batman v Superman, and both Justice League films, so his involvement makes total sense here.

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Ben directing the solo feature has been long assumed as “for-sure” deal, but I’m not totally convinced Affleck will end-up with double duty. I think that someone like True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga, who recently exited New Line’s It reboot, which is also at Warner Bros. Depending on the creative split on It, Cary might be open to a larger and high-profile project. I think Cary would also bring a dark sense of tone/atomosphere that helped Nolan develop his own take on the seedy Gotham City. As much as I like Ben Affleck as a director and actor, I’d prefer he did one or the other, not both. In my opinion, his best work is still Gone Baby Gone due to Ben staying behind the camera putting all his effort into crafting the film. I just have some issues with his performances when he’s directing himself, which can lead to some iffy stuff. It’s a Batman movie I get it, but can we really expect Affleck to oversee a new trilogy while also pursuing other directorial efforts and his Justice League commitment?

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I tend to take this from a realistic and logical standpoint, I doubt Affleck is going to give-up directing awards caliber content to focus on a superhero franchise, unsure he’ll be as committed as Zack Snyder is directing-wise, acting-wise I feel he could do it. Then again, directing the starting-point wouldn’t be a terrible thing either.

When it comes to the rogues in the film, there is some hope that we could end-up seeing characters like fan-favorite mobster villain Black Mask, The Red Hood, and possibly Deathstroke get involved, alongside the eventual appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker. There’s already rumblings that Jason Todd will factor heavily into the DCCU and that Scott Eastwood might be in fact playing Slade Wilson in Suicide Squad.


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