RUMOR: Villains Of ‘Wolverine 3’ To Include The Reavers

May 25, 2016


A new villain rumor coming from Nerdist suggests The Reavers and possibly Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook?) will be facing-off Logan in Wolverine 3, they’re also reaffirming that Old Man Logan will be influence the story, but of course elements will be reworked for the film.

This isn’t confirmation of anything, as Nerdist like most outlets are given information by sources and not the studio themselves this isn’t official so keep it in mind. It could all be a misdirection, even more so the talk of Boyd Holbrook playing an original villain.


Without spoiling the after credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, there is some suggestion that The Reavers could be clones or cyborgs of Wolverine’s greatest enemies resurrected to take him down, possibly including X-23 and resurrected fellow Reaver Lady Deathstrike.

The villain group does consist of Wolverine’s fallen combatants, I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if it did consist of Sabretooth and even his Cold-War nemesis Omega Red as well instead of the comical group from the comics. A great way to compact all of Logan’s best villains into one film, we shouldn’t rule out a cameo of Deadpool either.

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