RUMOR: Will Kemp To Play Mento In DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’

Feb 11, 2019

While it seemed that classic Doom Patrol member Mento wouldn’t be in the upcoming tv series adaptation, that may not be the case after all!

‘Reign’ actor Will Kemp may be playing the telekinetically powered superhero Steve Dayton, aka Mento, in DC’s live action ‘Doom Patrol’ series! Since I wasn’t able to get this confirmed with multiple sources, we’re labeling it as a rumor for now.

In the comics, Mento is a wannabe superhero who invents a helmet that gives him psychic powers that come with the terrible side effect of dimentia and paranoia.

Kemp is most well known for his role in The CW’s ‘Reign’ and Bravo’s ‘Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce.’ At this time, Kemp’s reps have not given a statement on this story.


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