RUMOR: ‘Wolverine 3’ Casting-Call Hinting At Strikeforce X?

Apr 24, 2016


Wolverine 3 is still quite the perplexing project as we had originally expected to be some sort of an adaptation of Old Man Logan, the more we’re learning about the third film the less it’s looking like a straight-up version of that comic.

A recent rumor stemming from a casting-call has pointed to the potential of Logan’s female clone and X-Force member Laura Kinney aka X-23 being in the film.

Another casting-call from Project Casting, is giving us the impression that more newish characters connected to Wolverine could be apart of the film as well.

Central Casting is now hiring stand-ins to work on the new X-Men Wolverine 3 movie filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. Casting directs are now looking for a Caucasian looking male, 6’5-6’9, slim build and must be bald or willing to shave head. Must be over the age of 18. Filming will take place in May or June in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Casting directors are also casting Hispanic looking men over the age of 18 that appear to be in their 20’s and 30’s to play Military soldiers. Real military experience is preferred. Talents must be willing to be clean shaven and have a military style haircut. The work dates are not yet finalized, but filming will take place in May or June.

A casting search has started for Hispanic-looking soldier roles, which could mean nothing but if people are speculating X-23, we could easily do the same here.

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I wouldn’t be terribly shocked that this casting-call could be referring to Strikeforce X.

Why am I jumping to the conclusion that this might be Strikeforce X?

The Blackguard is a private military contractor, not unlike Blackwater meets Call of Duty‘s Atlas. Gets ahold of the Weapon X files and start creating their own version of the Weapon X Program, leading to the creation of Strikeforce X in The Adamantium Men story arch from Wolverine: Weapon X.

In the jungles of Colombia, people are turning up dead, whole villages brutally slaughtered by a team of soldiers who move through the shadows like ghosts. On the streets of San Francisco, Logan learns that the files from the old Weapon X program, the blueprints for building Adamantium-laced super soldiers like himself, have fallen into the hands of an evil corporation.

A private security organization called Blackguard obtaining files on the Weapon X procedure that transformed James Howlett into Wolverine. It leads into a tale of corporate espionage, with Wolverine attempting to single-handedly dismantle the organization trying to create their own versions of Weapon X soldiers, featuring artificially enhanced senses, strength, agility, reflexes, stamina, an accelerated healing factor, laser claws and adamantium laced skeletons.

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Deadline made a point to mention that Boyd Holbrook‘s villainous character was the head of security for a global organization, Blackguard just happens to fit that description.

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Boyd’s character is up for debate, but it should be noted that fellow slow-aging mutant Arkady Rossovich aka Omega Red is known for being a hired-gun and working with organizations like The Hand against Wolverine in the comics. Rossovich also has ties to Logan’s time in Weapon X and is one of his biggest villains yet to be used.

Another possible character could be Donald Pierce, a Hellfire Club member that holds a huge grudge against Wolverine creating the team The Reavers hellbent on killing him.

The code-name for the production is Juarez and could be referring to these Hispanic soldiers. In the comics, the story arc takes place in Columbia and could have easily been relocated to Mexico, hence the code-name.


I’m willing to guess the bald white actors they’re looking to cast could easily be male Wolverine clones, since there are already rumors of cloning is involved with X-23.

Wolverine 3 is starting-up production soon and will be slashing onto screens on March 3rd, 2017.


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