RUMOR: ‘X-Force’ Member Shatterstar Might Join ‘Deadpool 2’

May 10, 2017

ComicBook claims that a casting call is out to actors for three X-Force characters that Fox is looking to add to the lineup of Deadpool 2. Take this news with a grain of salt.

One sounds like a great candidate for both Deadpool films and the X-Force film, that being Shatterstar. He’s been one of the unused mutants we’ve been championing to land his feature film debut, as he’s one of the only openly gay superheroes.

Ryan Reynolds has teased about giving Wade a boyfriend and Shatterstar would be a good fit.

The other two include Sunspot and Feral. These, on the other hand, seem a little fishy to us.

Considering, Josh Boone confirmed that Sunspot is a part of his New Mutants roster. Deadpool 2 and New Mutants are shooting on separate coasts (Vancouver/Boston) making it a tough premise to see an actor playing the two in two films that are shooting at the same time (possibly set different in completely different eras). Feral is also a weird addition as New Mutants’ Wolfsbane is essentially the same character.

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I’m not entirely convinced that we’ll be seeing Feral and Sunspot, considering the cost of their visual effects and makeup to the budget. As we’ve been hearing the budget wouldn’t be getting a massive increase from Deadpool and it’s been revealed that effects heavy Negasonic and Colossus are already returning.

It’s possible these two could be red-herrings for other characters.

Deadpool 2 (aka Love Machine) begins filming on June 26th in Vancouver with a release date of June 1st, 2018.


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